Thursday, March 31, 2011

5 pounds is still 5 pounds!!!

As I said in my previous post I am learning a new way of eating. Crave food less, crave Jesus more. In the week and a half I have been on it, I've done alright. I haven't restricted myself totally, I am just eating less and making healthier choices. I have been down the path of strict dieting and it totally doesn't work for the long haul. Life happens. Sometimes you go out to eat. Sometimes you are on church trips. We all like vacation time. And when the holidays roll by there are always parties and family dinners.

No. I have pretty much learned that life is too short to worry about food all of the time. In fact that is the same problem just going in the opposite direction. Diets end up consuming me and that is what I am trying to get away from. I want to live where I just don't think and worry about FOOD all the time. I am going to eat. God has always provided up till now, more than I needed, why do I worry so very much about it. When you are already thinking about what you are having for lunch, while eating breakfast...I think there is a problem. And I have suffered with that problem way too long.

When not on a eating plan, I tend to eat too much, throughout the day. When on a diet I worry about all the calories, where I am going to eat and when...cause I think I am starving. These days I am trying simply not to worry about it at all. If I make wise choices, eat only when really hungry and cut out all the junk, then I think that is something I could probably do for the rest of my life. Add a few minutes of activity everyday and maybe just maybe I can get back on track where God wants me to be. Too many other things need my focus other than FOOD.

Which brings me to my little tidbit of good news. I have lost 5 pounds!!!

Now, I know I had the tummy bug on Sunday.

I know there is that whole "water weight" thing.

I know they are gone in ways that may not be noticeable yet.

I know...

But at the end of the day, 5 pounds is still 5 pounds!

God is good.


Jocelyn said...

Congratulations!!! I agree no matter where it comes from 5 lbs. is 5 lbs.:-) I love how talk about not letting it consume you...I have been feeling the same way about dieting lately!

Angela said...

All the time God is good!

He must increase. I must decrease...
John 3:30...

Way to go girl!! ((hugs)) The more He increase, the more we focus oh Him,,everything and anything that does not belong to Him (even the extra weight) does leave...Love ya..oh how He does more than we could ever ask or imagine...He is GOOD!!

Kristin said...

I totally can relate to what you're saying here. When I go on a "diet" all I can think about is food and then I feel guilty or starve to death and I think what you're doing, just always trying to make better choices, is the best way to go! 5 pounds is awesome!! Great job!

Sharon Sloan - Joy In The Truth said...

Yay for you!!!!!!!

Bridget said...

Congratulations!!! You're doing great!

Jim said...

Proud of you! Some excellent truth you're "dishing out"! Lighten up on the physical and load up on the Lord! Big goals are managed by accomplishing a lot of little ones!

I totally know where you're coming from when you write about wondering about lunch when you haven't even finished breakfast! Been there, done that more times than I can count! Mom and I have a standard conversation that we laugh about every day or so. It's the phrase, "well, what are we going to eat for lunch?"

You've definitely jogged my thought process today! Thanks!

Love ya,

Kellie said...

Enjoy the loss of that five pounds!! :)