Friday, March 11, 2011

I Lost My Keys...

Ever since we went to the Winter Jam concert last weekend, my hubby says he can hear Francesca Battistelli singing in his ear...

"This is the stuff that drives me crazy..."

I think it is funny because I LOVE her and her songs. I have said it before, it is like she read MY diary and then decided to sing about it. Friday this became all too real.

The alarm went off at 5:30 a.m.. I hit the snooze half a zillion times before getting up at 6:15! That means I was already running behind schedule, thank you very much. I then get ready, have 15 minutes of quiet time, wake up the kids and start to head out the door for work at 6:50. Only one problem...

"I lost my keys in, the great unknown..."

I can't find my keys!!!

I look everywhere. Kayla helps me look everywhere. I start to panic. Minutes have gone by, it is a no brainer, I am going to be late for work. Still can't find my keys.

"And call me please, 'cuz I can't find my phone."

I go ask Jordan who is in the shower.

"Jordan, did you use my keys last night for anything?"


"Jordan, I am LATE! Just tell me what you know and NOW!" (Can you read the panic in my voice?)

"I don't know."

I go to look for my keys some more. I am past panic. Helplessness sets in. You see, my hubby was out of town and...

"this is the stuff that drives me crazy

this is the stuff that's getting to me lately

in the middle of my little mess,

I forget how BIG I'm blessed..."

I guess Jordan had a minute to think, because all of a sudden, I see a dripping wet 12 year old running past me in a towel. He heads for the back door, opens it and then looks back at me. His look turns from relief to BIG TIME dread. I go and look. He has found my keys! HOWEVER, he left them on the trunk of my car ALL NIGHT LONG! There was my bright polka dot key chain shining for the world to see. I am blessed to still have a car. I am blessed to still have a house. I am blessed to still be me!!!

Jordan is blessed to still be smiling!!!

"This is the stuff that gets under my skin

but I gotta trust you know exactly what you're doing

it might not be what I would choose

but this is the stuff you use."

I look at him. (Jordan)

"I am not going to be mad. I don't have time to be mad. We will talk later. Get ready, your Grandma will be here in twenty minutes to take you to school."

"So break me of my impatience, conquer my frustrations, I've got a new appreciation, it's not the end of the world."

I make it to work at exactly 7:10. So thankful I only live a few blocks away. (Why did twenty minutes just seem like HOURS?!)

When I finally got to work and my heart finally settled to a normal heartbeat, I started to think about the whole situation. In the end the humor won out. The thought of my wet son dripping through the house, going 90 to nothing... well I needed a good laugh. Yes, all kinds of "what ifs" could have happened, but why dwell on it. God took care of us and we are blessed because of it.

Yes, God...

"This is the stuff YOU USE."

Thanks for the reminder...I am BLESSED.

Oh by the way, God does have a sense of humor. Guess what was playing on the radio on my way to work? Francesca, can I have my diary back now?


Jim said...

Yes, the "key" to such times is to "key" into the humor of the situation, recognize the "key" to such times is to find the right "key" and notes to sing praise to God, Who alone holds the "keys" to our victories over all things, even our "keys"!

For a while I imagine your "keys" will be "chained" to you!

Love you, daughter!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

LOOOOOOOVE that song! I think she wrote it for me!!!!LOL!

Andrea said...

Finding humor is always a win, but sometimes tough!
Hugs, andrea

Pilar said...

Love this post haha

Kellie said...

This is a good one!! Glad you found your keys... I could so picture my little guy doing the same thing Jordan did!! Love those boys!

Bridget said...

I lost my keys in my purse for a week when my first husband and I were newly married. Yeah, he still razzes me about that to this day.

hehe! glad Jordan is still smiling ;)

Jules said...

Isn't it crazy how "crazy" we can get about these things?

Angie said...

You avoided the '45 in a 35'?!
Yep, Francessca is the voice of today's 'every woman'.

Hope the rest of you're week is either uneventful, or at least amusing!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

And you have made me laugh...

Funny how our boys run when we say jump!