Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just an ordinary day...

I haven't blogged for a few days, so I'm probably in trouble with my dad, again. He lets me know that I need to blog often so he knows what is going on in my life...of course I haven't figured out why the same principle doesn't apply to him too! Love you, Dad! Yes, I read your blog today!

Anyway, the problem is that nothing "interesting" has happened the last few days. No funny kid stories, no deep thoughts to ponder, no great adventures in the life of this family. This past week has simply been a normal, ordinary week. Work, school, church, etc...

I could write about all the sickness going around. The tummy bug, strep throat and now the flu, seem to be making its way around my small southern town. Three of us couldn't out run the stomach virus, but now as a paranoid mom should, I worry every time one of my children gets a headache...what if? Oh, we will not even go there!

I could write about the drama that continues at my work place, but I've already gone there and done that...although I've thought about creating a soap opera based around it. It could be title something like, "All My Children." Oh, wait, that title is already taken!

I could write about our incredible weight loss. Wait, actually I haven't lost anymore this past week. After being sick, it does take one a little while to get back into eating right...come Monday I will be back on target! I will send a shout out for my husband, for he was able to wear a pair of pants, yesterday, that he hasn't been able to wear in a long time. He was very proud. I was too! Way to go Kev!!!

I might be able to blog about reality television since I seem to be addicted to it! I am getting better...I don't record anything, so if I miss a show, I miss a show! I will say that the Biggest Loser, American Idol and Survivor do keep me entertained! That is if I can stay awake! I feel so old some days! My bed time keeps getting earlier and earlier.

I am going to announce that my family will be proud and have no reason for embarrassment any longer...the Christmas trees have finally come down! Yeah!

So, as you can see, nothing interesting, nothing note worthy, nothing even remotely funny...just plain old ordinary! I am getting ready to pay a few bills (YUCK!), wash a few loads of clothes (UGH!) and clean a little house (HELP!).

However, on the bright side...after all the drama, sickness, homework, and even frustration of a normal week of school and work, well it is kind of nice to just have a plain and simple ordinary day! I think I will try and "be glad in it!"

Here's hoping if you don't have anything exciting planned, that your day is worry free and pretty ordinary too! Happy Saturday, Everyone!


Amber said...

Just an ordinary week and day around here, too. That's why I resorted to blogging about my grocery receipt! Woo Hoo!!

Jim said...

Hey, thanks for giving us a run-down on hum-drum. For us it's news and we like to hear not only the big stuff but the regular, also, so keep it up.

I usually don't write about the goings on - our is such a different life style now, that reporting is, I guess, somewhat hum-drum, too. For instance, Mom, for two days was hemming on curtains in the den - she's a perfectionist, you know. Me, well I did some work outside, then in THE HOLE, putting up shelves. Then I've gotten into a chess match with Keaton by email - so have to periodically go to the board and decide on my next move - he's sure stretching my game. Other than that, I've been trying to put together my preaching schedule for the church, make a few calls on the sick and others to encourage their attendance. What can I say, it is a new way of life for us. We're enjoying it.

We are going to KY on Thursday and spend a few days, checking on the house there, attending a reception for my former secretary, etc.

Well, enough of an update. See you later.
Love you,