Monday, February 23, 2009

A little PRAYER to start the day...

I will start this post with an explanation as to why I am at home blogging and not at work this morning...I had a rough Sunday. I was teaching Sunday School, Sunday morning when I started seeing the spots. I struggled to get through my class and not alarm the little five year olds that I teach. I've had them before and also know that usually a HUGE migraine will follow soon. Sure enough, while sitting in church, the headache hits. It is probably one of the few times that it HURT to hear my husband's beautiful voice in song!!! I also have absolutely no clue what my pastor's words were either. I hope people thought I was praying and not sleeping, for I honestly did have my eyes shut for most of the service, off and on...

It let up a little right after church and I struggled to choke down my lunch, but as soon as I got home I hit the sheets. I stayed there until this morning at about 2:20a.m. My back started hurting...I'm afraid one of these days we will have to break down and get a new mattress! If I stay in bed too long, my bad back starts crying out in pain. Which basically means NO SLEEP! Oh, but I am not finished... at about 4:00 I start having a pain in my stomach. I've also had these before, usually after I eat something that doesn't agree with me (probably the beginning of gallbladder problems) and the pain will not go away until I literally get rid of the food attacking my body! I finally went to sleep in Kev's big comfy chair at 5:00a.m.! So, I did what any other "weakling" would do...I called in sick! I am doing much better now, but decided to rest after my disturbing night.

Since I am home and the phone will not let me sleep, I decided to check my email. I have received a few big prayer requests and would like to pass them on. I sometimes think God uses the yucky stuff in our lives (like not feeling well) to slow us down and allow us time with Him in prayer. Here are a few requests that I hope you will add to your own prayer lists today...

1. Amy and her family. This young mom has just discovered that the baby she is carrying has Trisomy9 a fatal chromosome disorder. She will carry the baby as long as she can, for she is a believer in Christ and believes in His miracles. However, she and her family must also prepare their hearts in case God decides to carry her baby boy on HOME to be with Him. Please wrap this family in your prayers.

2. Young Hannah. She is the niece of some friends of ours and is battling cancer. She doesn't have much more time... Her family has great faith and needs our prayers as they wait on the Lord. Again, we believe in the God of the Bible who speaks and it is done. Whether the miracle is a cure and a fantastic testimony on earth or the miracle is a young believer meeting her Savior and leaving a great testimony behind, this family needs our prayers. Please pray that the PEACE of Christ will surround this young lady and her family as they wait on God's timing.

3. We have some friends that have felt the calling of the mission field. They are in the process of getting ready for the day at the end of the summer when they will say goodbye to loved ones here and board a plane for a great adventure for Christ! Keep them in your prayers as they continue to adjust and get ready to the idea of living and serving on the mission field. For privacy and safety reasons I will not give their names or where they are going, but for my blogs sake I will call them the "Faithful Footsteps." As a former missionary kid, myself, I know first hand what is asked of those who go. Please honor them with your prayers as they faithfully follow in the footsteps of our Lord.

4. My husband is a student minister, so anything "youth" is very near and dear to our hearts. This coming weekend, my husband has his big Disciple Now planned. Please pray for the 50 something kids signed up to come. We also have "host homes, young adult leaders, a speaker and a band coming for the event. I ask that you pray for safety in travel, and that there will be an attitude of worship in our group. This could be a very big chance for some of our kids to turn their lives around! I also would ask prayer for the 50 something kids in our group that didn't sign up to come for whatever reasons...we live in a busy world today, kids have all kinds of choices to make daily...unfortunately other activities often win over church events. I pray that those kids unable to attend will still find ways this weekend to grow in their relationships with Christ.

5. As I have said before, my husband has been gifted with great musical talent. Right now our church is without a music leader. My husband is filling in for right now. I know once upon a time the music minister and youth minister were usually the same person, however in today's world, at a church of our size, leading the music is not just a matter of opening a Hymnal and singing and youth...well you just have to come up with bigger and bigger things to "entertain" and keep their interest for them to keep coming. I say this to say, that although Kev loves music and loves leading, with only two ministers serving at our church, he is staying VERY busy! Please keep him in your prayers. May he continue to have an attitude of service as he works hard to meet the needs of the church family he loves.
Also I would like to ask for prayer for the man that may come. The music committee has found a man they like who plans to come this spring in view of a call. Please pray for him and his family for moving is never an easy decision! Also give our church family peace over having this man follow what he thinks is God's will for his life. Worship is an important aspect of church. This is no small decision.

Well, those are just a few of the prayer requests that have touched my heart today. There is nothing better than starting the day out with prayer...and with friends.

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