Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I felt like I signed my life away!

Well, I really hate to bring this up again, but I went to the dentist today. Actually I went and saw two dentists today. Two? You ask. Yes, two. You see, for some reason I'm finding out that each dentist has their specialty and love to pass you around among their dental comrades...or so it seems.

The truth is that I had to have a reconstruct done on my root canal a few weeks ago. Today was the second half of that process. It hurt a little more today than last week, but I lived to now tell about it. After leaving the dentist's office I then had to go to the surgeon down the street for a consultation, because I have to have a wisdom tooth pulled before they can cap off my tooth with the root canal. Crazy, huh? I'm still not sure I understand it all. I do know this, that sometime in March I will be having my wisdom tooth pulled...I'm a little on the scared side.

Why? Because at the dentist's office today I literally signed my life away, that is why! I had to initial that it was OK if the dentist accidentally breaks my jaw, after all, I am no longer young with mushy bones, I have old bones that are getting more brittle by the day! I need to go and drink a glass of milk right now!

I also had to initial where it says I could end up paralyzed in the mouth, bleed badly or just plain die...yes, you read right. I just signed my life away! Over one stinking tooth!!! I'm thinking that there are certainly more glamorous ways to meet Jesus than death by tooth! Unfortunately, I guess somewhere it has happen to someone, therefore this dentist wanted my signature on the dotted line.

Of course I might as well, because I about croaked right there in the office anyway when they told me how much it was going to cost. One tooth...anybody have a pair of pliers I can borrow?

I'm thinking by the time I get my mouth all fixed, my kids can forget ever going to college and I might should just invest in some life insurance now!

Somehow it just doesn't seem right to fork over money to LOSE A TOOTH! What am I exactly paying for? All I know is the tooth fairy better be real good to me. A quarter just will not do this time...

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Amber said...

Death by tooth. HA! Now that's funny. (not you dieing, but you saying "death by tooth"...never mind.)

I'm with you on the crazy dental prices. Gee whiz.