Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mom stuff...

What am I doing this weekend, you ask? Well, actually I'm pretending you want to really know, therefore I will give you an answer. :) Here is my "TO DO" list:

1. Wash the dishes...some I have to do a rewash on. One of the jobs I give my kids to do each day when they come home from school is they need to load the dishwasher. Every once in a while they will not all fit and a few have to be washed by hand. One day this past week, my daughter was in charge of dish duty. However, she was not in the mood. If you know my daughter, then you know if she is not in the mood to do it, it ends up being a job half done. She had to wash out the crystal light jug by hand and then make some more. I poured me a drink that night, took a sip and realized my mouth was on fire! Mothers didn't use to wash kids mouths out with soap for no burns! My daughter hadn't rinsed all the dish washing soap out of the jug before making more of the drink mix. Ugh! I can still taste it!

2. Fold clothes...but I will not complain. My "laundry hero" is still at it, he just doesn't like to fold. Well that makes two of us, however since I don't have to do most of the washing these days, I guess I had better start folding, huh?

3. Pay bills. Yuck! Anyone want to trade places with me? Or give me a loan?

4. Go to the store. Now I like shopping, but these days I can't find anything I want at my Walmart, for they decide to rearrange every five minutes. I also don't consider groceries true shopping. I kin of get depressed every time I go. I end up spending to much, even with my coupons. Besides the fact that my kids eat me out of house and home and a buggy full of food will be gone in two to three days! Where do they put it all?!

5. Take down my Christmas trees. Yep! They are all still up. Sad, huh? I have not had a free weekend to do it all. I either have been sick or doing something. I'm hoping I can get it done today. Kev says I could just leave them up year round. Nah...that takes away the specialness (if that is a word) of decorating for Christmas every year. Too bad Santa doesn't send elves to help us out after Christmas!

Well, I probably have loads more than that to do, but I will be doing great if I get all of this done today. I was chatting with one of our seventh grade youth girls this morning on Facebook. She asked what I was doing today... I had to answer honestly, "Mom stuff." Need I say more?

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Amber said...

Been at the mom stuff all morning. Have fun!

Still giggling at the thought of your face when you chugged the dish soap!! :)