Monday, January 19, 2009

A new little friend...

I have been following a friend's blog. She lives close by, goes to church with me and is an old classmate from college. She just recently moved to town too, so we have that common bond as well. Not to mention that our sons are friends. Anyway, a few years ago, she and her husband decided they wanted to adopt. They have been on the waiting list for a baby from China for a while now. However, their baby dream has at last come true...

Last week they came home from China with a new little baby girl. I am so happy for them. It has been wonderful, being able to read her blog and share this wonderful experience with their family. "Berkeley" is beautiful! And as I read about their visit in China and saw their first pictures with Berkeley, I just couldn't wait to meet her! Her pictures reminded me of a little doll.

Well, Kathy had asked in her blog, if family and friends would wait a week before visiting. The adoption agency recommends an adjustment period for the family before baby is bombarded with company. Although a little disappointed that I might not get to meet her for a little while, I respectively understood.

In the meantime, today was a holiday as you all know. Well, my job wasn't closed for day. It was soooo hard getting up this morning when my husband and kids were still all warm and snugly in their beds. So hard. I was even 10 minutes late... Got there. No babies. Finally had one baby show up at ten. ONE. Just one little girl out of the two baby classes. Which meant there was three of us twiddling our thumbs. I finally asked if anyone wanted to leave. The other two said they really needed the money. Well, I honestly could always use the money, however, five hours with my kids today sounded pretty good. So I got the rest of the day off. Fun!

Kevin, the kids and I ate lunch out and did a little shopping. It was a nice little afternoon. The kids had fun spending birthday and Christmas money and I just enjoyed my time with them. Later, I went to Walmart to do some birthday shopping for my mother in law and you will never guess who I hear calling my name?! It's Kathy, her son and her new baby girl. Right there in the middle of Walmart! And you know what? I was the first one to officially meet her! Yes! ME!! Kathy even took a picture...

Oh, she is so cute and I am so happy for them! She is full of energy and smiles! Kathy was going to let me hold her, but we didn't push it. Berkeley decided however that she would tease me. She would lean forward as if she was going to let me hold her, only to pull back and smile!

We serve an awesome God! I looked at this little one today and realized how cherished she is going to be. She may have had an uncertain start, but God had this little one in His awesome hands the whole time. And my friends may have had to wait, but God taught them so much along the way, preparing them for their new little treasure. I can't wait to see what God has planned for this special little girl we now call Berkeley.

(If you would like to read their adoption journey here is the website:
I know you will be blessed!)

On another note, a few prayer requests have come my way via the blog world...

1. Baby Harper - brand new and struggling for life. To read more about her story you can go here:

2. Hannah - a strong young woman, who has brain tumors and has been given little hope. However, her family believes in an awesome God who can do miracles. To read more about her story you can read about her on my friend Lisa's blog, who is also her aunt.

3. Berkeley - may she grow up in the knowledge that she is very loved by her Heavenly Father. Pray for her and her family as they continue to adjust to life together.

This morning, as I sit here typing, finishing my post started yesterday, I am left in awe of these beautiful families and their strength and courage. Each one has a story to tell, serving as an example for the rest of us what true FAITH really is. This morning I ask that you say a prayer for these special people as they continue their journey. We serve a powerful God who loves us all very much. We may not always know His plans for our lives, but we can rest in the fact that He will be on the journey with us.

And while you are at might want to give your kids an extra hug today too!

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Amber said...

I'm so glad that you linked to her blog....I love new blogs to read!!

Your big tooth day was today, wasn't it?! Hope it goes okay!

Love ya.