Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Patience...what is it again?

I think I discovered what the Lord is trying to teach me this week. I was taking a shower last night, contemplating how my week has gone (Good gracious, it was ONLY Monday!) and asking a lot of "why?"'s in there, while trying to counter it with a few "why not?"'s. (I do my best thinking and praying in the shower...must be that it is the only place I can get away from everything else! Or should I say EVERYONE else?)

Anyway, my conclusion was: PATIENCE. Sweet and simple, God is trying to teach me how to have some more patience. Don't know why? But how else can I explain my life and my attitude??

I mean when your husband runs out of his Blood pressure meds over the weekend and you are the one that ends up feeling guilty about it when he didn't remind you, yada yada, yada... You have to have patience with him. (I couldn't get mad...I couldn't risk a heart attack!!!)

Of course when the same man tells you that a church member told him that a "few" people are frustrated with him because "he is not doing enough..." I had to have patience. (Not doing enough?!!! I barely see him as it is! He works hard! Not doing enough? Yes, I needed patience last night! I was close to strangling someone! No one is allowed to talk to or about my man like that...I am the only one that has that privilege! I earned it!!!)

Patience is when you look at the money coming in, and the money going out and the stack of bills still to pay and wonder when I'm going to be that blessed person that wins the lottery or gets Oprah to pay everything off?

Patience is when you show up to work, at a child care center and have 10 babies before 8:00a.m., only to realize your partner has jury duty, the director has to help you and has no back up plans when she realizes she has to stay the whole day with you, since your co worker got chosen!!! If that sentence made sense then you are praying for me, if it didn't well just know I'm having to have MUCH patience!

When a friend has tests run and the doctor says they will not know the results for two weeks, but it doesn't look good...well one must have patience. Say a pray for her, please.

When you leave a list of chores for your kids to accomplish before you come home and they chose the worst day to not do them...well a mom has to have patience.

When you come home and cook dinner, only for your husband to have to work late...it takes patience.

To have the courage to continue on your journey, when Monday and Tuesday haven't turned out so hot, well I am just asking for a little strength...this God's timing thing...it takes patience, doesn't it?

Yes, that is only a sampling of my week so far. I know things could be a lot worse. I also know that God will supply everything I need to handle each situation as it comes my way. The truth is, I know He allows these days, so that we will learn to count our blessings, remember who is really in charge and to teach us a lesson or two along the way.

This week, mine is PATIENCE. Anyone in the class with me? I'll be praying for you...

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Amber said...

Rotten start to the week.

So sorry. I'm praying for you.
Love ya.