Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The dentist...friend or foe?

As you know for two weeks now, (I know you guys are tired about reading about my tooth!!!) I have had some tooth pain. I've tried to stay upbeat, I really have... I guess I have failed, for the other day my daughter told her daddy that I wasn't "fun anymore" and that I hardly "smiled." Oops! Sorry about that people! I apologize to all of you who have had to deal with me in the real world, maybe I have been a tad on the cranky side.

Anyway, I am praying that I am now on the road to recovery! Yesterday, I went and had the first part of my root canal done (they do it in two parts, don't know why!). The whole way there I am dreading it of course. Remember I am the one who hates needles, people in my space and of course PAIN! The only thing that is getting me there is that I have had a dull pain for over two weeks that I would really like to be finished with! That and the fact that my husband was driving...I probably would have turned around half way!

So after lunch yesterday, I went on a road trip to the big city of EL DORADO. Fun! I'm not sure if I've ever been there before. Seems like a nice enough town. The reason why I had to travel is something about my dentist not doing reconstruct root canals, and yada, yada, yada... I've been on drugs the past few weeks, I'm lucky I remember my name!

I sat in the chair and in walks this pretty nice man. I say he is nice because he looked me in the eye, talked to me like we were having a conversation (I do not like it when medical people talk AT me, with all their fancy words!) and smiled. I like that. He seemed human. Since I didn't have much choice whether I liked him or not, I was very glad that He gave a good first impression. The other thing I liked about him was all his fancy equipment. My old dentist from two years ago must have been old school, because he didn't have all the fancy stuff and he also HURT! Truth is, right now this dentist is my new best friend. Between his nice personality and fancy gadgets, the second time around was a breeze! The worse part is that I have a small mouth and it is hard for me to hold it that wide for so long, even with the help of the little brace thingy (have no idea what it is called!) That, believe it or not was the most painful part...

I did pretty good last night. It didn't seem any more painful than what I have had to deal with for the last few weeks. I was numb though and sore and very tired. So, my husband got me a BIG vanilla milkshake from McDonald's, I put my pj's on, took some Tylenol and watched TV in bed all night. With the exception of a sore mouth, I could really get use to all that! :)

So for my family and friends, who have had to put up with my sour attitude and those who have been saying a little prayer for me...thanks! Hopefully, I am now on the mend! I still have to go back for him to finish the root canal and a crown put on and I have a wisdom tooth that has to come out and a few cavities, and...but I think I will live. My left side of my mouth may never be the same again!

I know, I know! I'm going to have to stay off those peppermints! :)


Amber said...

Hope this is it for you....glad that it all went okay.

Glad you got to hang out in your jammies with a milkshake and the remote!

Feel better!
Love ya!

Jo said...

I never had a root canal, but it sure doesn't sound like fun!
I've had more than my share of toothaches though, and spent many a night with my face up against a cold porcelain sink, just to get some relief.
Glad you have a dentist that you can feel at ease with...helps make the visit a little bit (I said LITTLE bit) less uncomfortable.

Hope you get everything taken care of soon, and get back to feeling like your own sweet self!

Aunt Jo