Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Alright...I know everyone is probably having a mild heart attack right now while reading this. Yes, I hate to say this but it has been about three weeks since my last post. Sorry, for the few and interested. I have to say it has been a very crazy past month. It has also been a wonderful month full of memories, family and many blessings.

To sum up the month of December... well it went something like this in a nutshell:
7 Christmas parties, 2 birthday parties, 1 Christmas dance, 1 Church "Lottie Moon" talent show, 1 choir musical, 1 family "get together," Christmas Eve service and family over for games afterwards, Christmas day at the in law's and a house full of eleven people (my family) for four days! Of course that was on top of school, work, Sunday School and Youth Group and day to day chores! Needless to say, I'm a little worn out. But ask me if I would change anything and I would give you a big "NO." I have so many wonderful memories of smiles, laughter, hugs, food, family and friends. God was very good to me this year!

You notice I said "God" was very good to me this year... and I didn't mention one gift? Oh believe me, I got the gifts, wonderful, my sister is extremely jealous, I'll let you know what they are in another post, gifts. But for now, I just want to simply relish the fact that I felt very blessed this Christmas.

I look around and realize that I have so much to be thankful for. Yes, I was busy. Yes, there were days I felt myself dragging. Yes, there were moments that I wished for the world to slow down so I could keep up. But the truth is there are so many people that have nothing and I have so much... who am I to complain?

I'm not talking about money and gifts. Rather, I'm talking about my husband, my children, my family, my friends and my church. These are the gifts that make my life busy and chaotic. However, they are also the gifts that "complete" me and make me feel special and very blessed.

This year was a little harder for me, the first time I worked outside the home, around the holidays, since I have had children. There were days I felt behind and felt like I was missing a little "Christmas Spirit." Yet, I have a job, I have a home, I have plenty to eat and more, I have a wonderful family, I have a great church and friends...

And I have a great Lord and Savior, who said "I forgive you, my child." He decided to give the greatest gift of all, himself, allowing me, this sinful, "naughty," child, to remain on the "nice" list, no matter how undeserving I am of the honor.

Today is the start of a new year, with all the New Year's resolutions. I could try to make a list, like everyone else, but I never seem to keep them very long. I think this year, I'm just going to ask the Lord, daily, to help me make a "thankful" list. Each day, I need to be reminded of my blessings, even when the rainy days come my way. I want to pray for a thankful heart, that cherishes what I have been given, on the days in between the holidays. Each day is truly a "special occasion." Each day is a gift from the Lord.

What is on your "thankful" list?

Happy New Year!


Amber said...

You're on my thankful list!

Had a great time hanging out over was over way too fast!!

Love ya!

Jo said...

What is on MY "thankful" list? Well, my nieces and their families are part of what's on mine. I'm so thankful for these two wonderful young ladies that have good heads on their shoulders and have made wonderful Christ-centered lives for themselves and their families.
I'm thankful for all my immediate and extended family, including my friends, because without all of them, I would not be who I am today.

Love you.
Aunt Jo