Thursday, January 1, 2009

A few of my favorite "Christmas" things....

Happy New Year...again!!!
Wow! My friends and family are really in shock now! Two posts in one day. I know I've left everyone speechless...
Truth is, since I missed posting during the whole Christmas season, I'm going to play catch up.
I am going to call this post a "few of my favorite things." Now remember, I'm still in the holiday mode, so bear with me if you have all been there and done that. After all, my December was a little busy and a few things were put on the back burner (like my blog) for a while. So, here is my list of Holiday things (and moments):

1. My family (my husband and kids). They make me smile. I am truly blessed. I love them so much... the holidays always represent a time to spend with family.

2. The rest of my family... love them. Let me see... I have my mom and dad, my sister, my brother in law, 3 nephews, my mother in law and father in law, Kevin's brother and sister in law and a niece. I also have a few aunts, uncles and many cousins I'm proud of, as does Kevin. Neither one of us has a grandparent anymore, but I am truly thankful for the wonderful memories I shared with mine when they were still with us. Since I don't have a "group" shot to share with you, I'll just post this one of my sister and I. We don't think we look alike, although everyone says we do. What do you think? Sorry for our "spookiness."

3. My trees. Alright, now everyone in my family likes to make a big deal about me having more than one tree. I have two in my living room/dining room and I love them! One is my Chrismon (symbols of Christ) tree and one is what I call my "Santa" tree. The Chrismon tree is full of angels, crosses, nativities and other symbols that represent Christ and all he has done for us. this tree is very special to me. I love how it reminds me each day, during the holidays, what Christmas is really about.

My Santa tree is just fun and family. It is decorated with Santas and snowmen, my kid's ornaments and lots of memories. There are those crazy ornaments we got at "dirty Santa" parties, the Hallmark ornaments my kids got when small and a few handmade items made by two special little artists in my family.

I love Christmas trees. I love to turn out all the lights and just sit by tree light. Love them!

This is my Chrismon tree and below is my Santa tree.

4. My stockings. Kevin and I got these matching stockings, our second Christmas together as a married couple. I loved them, for they were so much better than the felt ones we had the year before. I haven't been able to replace them, for they represent a lot of memories. We have had them now for fourteen years. I can still remember the candy, the watches and jewelry, the Cd's, and even underwear that has filled them. We both decided not to fill them this year, but I still hung them to remind me of how blessed I am. God gave me a great guy who loves me. What more could a girl ask for?!

5. My Snowmen. A few years ago I started collecting Heartwood Creek, Jim Shore, snowmen. I have about ten right now. Some are big and some are little. They represent the friends, family and church families that have given to me through the years.

6. My Christmas cards. This year I covered a poster frame with wrapping paper and made a collage of all my cards from friends and family. I find myself stopping by it each day to look at all the pictures and holiday wishes from friends and family. It too serves as a reminder to say a little "thankful" prayer for those people that God has placed in my life. Of course it is a guilty pleasure, for it also reminds me of the box of cards, with my kids pictures on them that have yet to be sent. If you are reading this and are normally on my Christmas card list, I am sorry. I'm afraid the cards were another item that got put on the back burner this year.

7. My chrismon ornaments. They were given to me by my mother. They were made by Thai women in Thailand. Not only are they on my favorite tree, but they too serve a purpose. They remind me of all the years I spent overseas while my parents served on the mission field. So they have a "double" meaning for me. Chrismon ornaments are symbols of Christ and they were made in a country where my parents served as missionaries...pretty special if you ask me. Here is the dove...

8. The food. I love turkey and dressing and of course everyone knows I love mashed potatoes (especially my mom's!!!). Of course there is all the wonderful Christmas goodies we get each year. This year my family enjoyed his mom's famous peanut brittle, peanut butter fudge squares made by Kevin's secretary (I won them and the cutest snowman cookie jar at a party:)) and a plate full of cookies given to Kevin by his young music student. Of course there was a load of food at each party or fellowship we went to. Christmas day we had the traditional Christmas feast at Kevin's parent's house and I had made a cake and my sister in law made cider for our Christmas Eve game night. however, I have to say my favorite meal was at my house this year. It was the Saturday after Christmas and my Mom, sister and I got in the kitchen and cooked an "Olive Garden Holiday Buffet." We had about four different pasta dishes, salad, bread and I had made one of Kevin's favorites, "crafty crescent lasagna." It was all wonderful. I think I'm still stuffed from the "event." It was a nice change after all the turkey and ham we had tasted for the past two months. It may just become a new tradition for my family. Here's a picture of my Italian Christmas table.

9. The gift my kids got from my mother in law. It is special. She made all three of her grand kids a afghan for Christmas. She spent hours knitting the blankets and I appreciate her for it. I have many things given to me or made for me by my two wonderful grandmas. Now that they are no longer with me, those items given to me are so precious. I hope my kids know what a special treasure they have been given... Here are my kids and their cousin with their colorful gifts.

10. I think I will close this post with one more thing. My special gift this year. Did I mention I have a pretty terrific husband? He surprised me with a new camera. I guess I must have been a pretty good girl this year. Actually, it is probably just the case of he loves me so much, he chose to overlook my shortcomings!!! Anyway, he got me a new digital camera and I love it! My sister is totally jealous, although her laptop and pink computer bag were pretty wonderful too! As you can tell, I am totally in love with my new camera, hence this post and all the pictures. Of course I'm still learning how to use the thing! So, you will have to forgive this last picture, for it was taken with my "old" camera...

I truly hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I know I did!


Amber said...

Let's see....

No....I don't think we look alike.

Yes....the food was amazing.


Lova ya

Jo said...

I love all your pictures...the camera is great! (I copied some of them into my computer and they don't get grainy when enlarged, like your other pictures did.)

Yes, I think there is a bit of resemblence between you and your sis. The shape of your face, your eyes. You're not "twins" by any stretch, but definitely look like sisters.

After your Mom and Dad get settled, I look forward to seeing you more often...OK?

Aunt Jo

Jenny Sipes said...

Hey hey missy...I love your pictures...and I see you got a great camera...Glad you told me you have a I can bug not only at work but on the internet too..