Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Prayer Request...

I sit here typing, while saying a prayer. Yesterday, my father in law went for his monthly hormone shot. He has cancer, but has been responding well to hormone treatments. He has, for the most part seemed healthy and happy. In fact, unless you had been told, you probably wouldn't know a thing has been wrong with him.

yesterday, however, they gave him a different medication, something through an IV. We aren't really sure what it is, Kevin's mom wasn't in the room with him when he saw the doctor. The medicine, we were told, however, is one of those that comes with a list of side affects. Headache, nausea, diarrhea, fever, etc...

Well, guess what? He has a little bit of all that today! He is miserable! I know people get sick all the time, what's the deal, right? The deal is that my father in law is one of those lucky individuals who never seems to get even a headache , who doesn't complain about nothing and has to be feeling pretty bad to not keep going. So, when he does get sick, well none of us know how to handle it. Even, while having this cancer, he has done well.

However, he has been down for the count today. Kevin is over at their house right now trying to see if he can help his mom. It is days like this that I am thankful that the Lord brought us back to Kevin's hometown. In fact Kevin and I have been talking about him going with his dad and mom on their doctor visits, just so we will know how to help them more.

As for today, I'm saying a prayer for my father in law, who I adore. I know he is in the Father's tender care right now. If you think about it, dear family and friends, could you maybe remember him in your prayers too?

***As I was typing this, Kev called. His fever has come down a little... He is going to stay a little longer...***

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Amber said...

Love you guys.