Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Somedays you can't win for trying....

Before Christmas break, my son brought home a note from the teacher. It stated that he needed a "composition" notebook when he returned to school after the holidays. Alright, I could handle that. Like a good mother I tacked the note on my bulletin board and of course promptly "forgot" about it until this past Monday night (the last night of Christmas break!).

No problem. I had to get groceries that night, I will just pick one up while I'm at Walmart. Little did I know that it would indeed end up being a problem. They were out of them! I walked up and down the stationary isle 5 times in search of the black, cardboard book otherwise known as a composition notebook! I even ask one of the blue shirted employees to help me find one! No, not one could be found! I finally found the price label on the end of the shelf that said they were suppose to be right there, but the shelf was empty. Can you believe that? Usually they have hundreds of those things!

It was rainy , cold and dark, so I really wasn't interested in driving around the town Monday night in search of the much needed book. No, I ended up writing the dreaded note. You know the one that says, "SORRY!" I couldn't find what you asked me to get, but I promise to look again tomorrow, hope that will be alright...note. I just know every teacher hates them. I can hear Jordan's teacher mumbling something about me having two weeks to get him a book and that I should be more on top of things, yada, yada, yada... (Actually, his teacher is very sweet and probably didn't say anything of the sort, rather it was my guilty conscience talking again.)

Anyway, true to my word, Jordan and I went in search of a composition notebook, the next night. We went to Fred's. Once again we came up empty. I again asked a store clerk. She was actually puzzled, for just the day before, she had moved a big box of them on the shelf and now they were all gone. I told her the whole fourth grade needed composition notebooks! The only book at Fred's that even said the word composition on it was metallic with stars. Much to Jordan's dismay I bought it. "We are still going to look, aren't we Mom? Please!" I'm afraid he thought the book was a little too feminine for his tastes. I still bought it "just in case."

Our next stop was Walgreen's. Low and behold they had TWO left. Of course, they would cost me twice as much as the ones at Walmart and Fred's! Wouldn't you know it? I took the book anyway! Mission completed. Mom's work is done, right?

I came home for my lunch break, today, and guess what was laying on the kitchen counter? You guessed it! A brand new, cost too much, black composition notebook! Jordan forgot to take it to school! I am now informed that the teacher had an extra one and that I now "owe" her a dollar! What???

Some days, I truly feel like I can't win for trying!

Anybody need a composition notebook? I have two of them. One black and one with gold stars. The things we do for our children!


lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

I'm sorry but I'm laughing! That totally sounds like something that would happen to me!

Can you send the one you bought to school to the teacher to replace the one she gave Jordan in lieu of paying her a dollar?

Amber said...

Hee Hee....

Thought that kind of stuff only happened to me!?!?