Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Tooth of the Matter...

I hurt right now. I've had a tooth that as ached off and on for the last month, but wasn't bad enough that I couldn't stand it. After all, with the holiday fuss, who has time to go to the dentist, right? Well, I'm sitting here right now, trying to distract myself by blogging a little, defiantly regretting my decision not to call the dentist sooner.

I am suppose to go have an x ray tomorrow at 4:00p.m. to see what is up with my mouth, but there are moments when I wonder if I will survive. How can one little 'ol tooth make your whole body ache? OR at least seem like it does.

I've tried Tylenol, for that is all the over the counter pain medication I can take. I happen to be allergic to aspirin and medication related to the hive inducing drug. I've tried gum numbing medicine, I now know why babies wear that funny expression after we moms rub the pink gel all over their gums. I think my tongue is numb, but my tooth is still there and throbbing, thank you very much! I tried warm salt water...yum! Actually, it does help for a little while. Well, as long as I keep it floating in my mouth, but it takes too much effort not to swallow it.

I "googled" my problem, however chewing on clove leaves or garlic doesn't sound too great, especially not when I still have to go to church tonight.

So, I sit here trying to endure, wondering if tomorrow afternoon will ever come. I've contemplated going and finding some pliers and pulling the awful little thing myself, but I can't even pull my own kid's baby teeth, when they are loose! It is one of those things that defiantly gives me the "heeber geebers."

If you have any remedies for me to try, send them my way... In the meantime say a prayer for me and my mouth. Right now I'm about to the point where I think it might be easier to just be in labor than put up with this! It is that bad!!!


Amber said...

Ahhhh....feel better.

Hope it all goes well tomorrow.

Jim said...

Sorry I was out of touch for a few blogs and did not get your "prayer request" on Kevin's Dad. Something about my DSL out of whack. Anyway, assure them of our continued support in his continued treatments. And I do pray that your own tooth problem can be eased today. Nothing hurts me worse than that which pains in the mouth and requires the added pain of a dentist "climbing in" with objects that I know just were never meant to pass my lips. I often wonder if they were borrowed from some WWII torture chamber. I know they say they're sorry but it's gonna hurt, but then they're on the other end of that sharp scraping thing. Oops, I'm sorry. You feel bad enough without having me conjure up other mental anguish to anticipate. Feel better, Sis. Love you.