Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Little Inspiration for the Monday Morning Blues...

Everyone has been talking about the holidays being over, having to go back to work and school and just feeling downright yucky. Well, truthfully, I'm feeling the same way. Those Monday morning blues get me every time. Poor Mondays, always following Sunday, the day of rest and spiritual renewal. The poor "day" can't catch a break!

I decided to change that. I decided that today, MONDAY, was not going to be dreaded. It isn't going to be tiresome, long or even hard... no, I'm going to do everything in my power to change Monday's image.

How, you ask? Simply this. I'm going to change my attitude. Or at least try my hardest to. Today might not end up perfect, but I know I can find several little blessings in my day if I try.

No, I've decided to cut Monday a break. Who knows I might just find out I like the dreaded day after all. (Well, I can hope can't I?)

If you need a little boost, this song ALWAYS kicks me into shape. It is a blessing in itself. I think it is my new favorite song. (Don't tell Chris Tomlin, though, for I still love "How Great is Our God" too!)
Revelation Song - Kari Jobe

Happy Monday everyone! Join me and find your favorite uplifting tune, or borrow mine and let us start the day out with a song!!!


Jo said...

Before I retired, I suppose I was just like everyone else....looking forward to weekends. Of course, the last job I had, I ended up having to work most every Saturday for 4 or 5 hours...didn't like that very much.
Now, I sometimes forget what day of the week it is! ('ll be there someday.)

I listened to the song you listed in your post. It was very good and uplifting. Whlle it was playing on U-Tube, I noticed an actual video there, of Kari Jobe, singing the same song. In watching it, I noticed how similar the auditorium and crowd was, to the new BNC church at Bergman. This is the way they have their service there...lots of praise singing and musicians before the pastor's message. Different from churches I'm used to, but effective.

Have a great week!
Aunt Jo

Amber said...

Love that song!!!!!!

Hmmmm....really? We have to like Mondays? You're a better woman than me.

Love ya,

(I have to type the word "dismal" for your word verification...
fitting I think for a post about Mondays! LOL!)