Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Laundry Man! I think I will keep him!

Many of you that read my blog, also read my sister's blog, (If you haven't read her blog, she is a fun read.) As you know, we have both done our share of complaining about our MOUNTAINS of laundry. Sorry, Sis, but we both do whine about it A LOT! Actually, my sister has always been better at doing her laundry than me. I also have to give her a break because she works and has an extra kid to keep clothed. (If you've seen Tate, then you know he strips down about five times a day...I truly doubt he puts the same shirt back on twice!) I say this to say, that out of my family I am the world's worst at doing the laundry. My husband likes to call me the "maintenance" washer, meaning I wash the night before, what everyone wants to wear the next day. And don't expect me to iron anything until you are fixin' to wear it!!!

Even before I worked, I had piles of laundry. I've stuffed my dirty clothes in trash bags and hid them when company has come, because sometimes the dirty out weighed the clean. I've gone to the store and bought more socks, because no one can ever find clean ones that match! Even worse than washing the clothes, was the ability to put them away. Hate it! Can't explain why, just do! Anyway, I can't tell you how many times I've had to wash "clean" clothes again, because they weren't put away... Do you get the picture? I will say it again: "Move over Amb! You know deep down I am QUEEN of this "MOUNTAIN!"

That is until the month of December. What is special about the month of December, you ask? It holds the memory of the moment, when my husband had a breakthrough. A real breakthrough! It was one of those moments when he realized, no matter how GREAT I am, (Hee! Hee!) I can't possibly do it all!

This is not a new concept for him, for since I have gone back to work, our family has had to deal with a few changes. They have had to be patient with Mom as she has had to learn to shuffle everything and work too! I have to say, my husband has been great! He has done so much to help me with the kids. I am truly thankful that he loves spending time with them and doing things for them.

However, we all know the truth. And that is, that even as a stay at home mom, I was terrible at the laundry! So, you can only imagine how bad it got with me going back to work! After mornings of suffering through: "Dad I can't find this!" or "Dad, I have nothing clean!" (I go to work before they go to school in the morning, so in the mornings, Dad is on duty.) Kevin finally decides to do something about it...

He turns into "My Laundry Man!" Have I told you lately how much I love this guy?! He came home one day and said he was going to whip our family into shape and get rid of the mountain! I am still in awe...I didn't know he had it in him. Kevin, the man who likes to shed his clothes in the living room and leave them there. The man who always yells for a towel from the shower, because he will not get one before getting in. The man who doesn't always care if he matches or if his socks are the same style... Yes, I know right now, if you know my husband personally, you are thunderstruck! I was and still am! But get this...

Right now as we speak, my bathroom floor is laundry free. Three hampers remain empty next to my washer. My kids had jeans to put on this morning and my drawers are running over with the abundance of clean clothes. Down the hall I can hear my husband's sidekicks running, as they wash and dry yet another load.

He may not wear a cape and mask, but:

"Stay away ladies! He is mine, so don't even think of trying to steal my laundry man!"

How long will it last? I have no idea...I kind of think he enjoys it (he wouldn't admit that though!) But it doesn't really matter, for I am basking in the glow of clean floors, a clean hall (my washer/dryer are in the hall) and no trash bags of dirty duds. In fact we decided I needed to spend my day today, going through every one's clothes, since everything "clean" will not fit in everyone's dressers and closets. Wow! Never thought I would ever have that problem!

So, as I weed through my MOUNTAINS of CLEAN CLOTHES (I know you are all jealous now), I'm going to be saying a special prayer of "thanks" for my adorable Laundry Man. I am still in awe of his new found powers!

OK, Amb, I'll let you have your "Queen of the Mountain" title back! Do you need me to send my superhero over?


lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Can I borrow him?!

Wes is banned from laundry because he doesn't read labels like "Lay Flat to Dry" or "Wash With Like Colors." Actually, he does do his OWN laundry sometimes when he's desperate. I don't care if he ruins his stuff! Sometimes I wonder if he purposely does it wrong so I'll do it.

I like the "maintenance" laundry term. That's me!

Amber said...

Alright, alright...

You got a great gig going! You think he can keep it up?!?

Oh...and he should be wrote about him!! *wink*

Steve, Joanna, Elizabeth, Noah, and Emma said...

This totally cracks me up! You are a wonderful writer!! And it is fun to get a peek into the lives of others who all have the same kinds of day in and day out issues. Your Laundry Man is definitely a keeper! :o)~Joanna

Jo said...

I think that's great, that Kevin is doing that! I worked long and hard on teaching Richard how to do laundry. The biggest hurdle was to make sure the clothes were hung up immediately after the dryer stopped. He used to stuff MY laundry in the baskets and bring it upstairs, only to have to take it back down and run it through again to knock the wrinkles out. I absolutely HATE to iron any more than I have to. Like you, Michele, if something needs ironing to wear it, the ironing board and iron is always set up, ready to use when needed.

Now that Richard is in his own apartment, he comes over here to do his laundry at Mom's. And, he always makes sure he has hangers, too! Lesson learned! (Now if only he would let me clean his apartment and de-clutter it, I would be one happy Mom!)

Aunt Jo