Tuesday, February 24, 2009


When I was a young girl one of my favorite things to do was cut up my mom's magazines and catalogs. I would draw floor plans on paper and cut out furniture and people to go in my imaginary home.

When I was in high school I would cut out my favorite movie titles, pictures of cute guys and just little sayings that I read and liked and then plaster them all over my binders.

Today, although I'm finding it hard to find the time, I love to scrapbook. Who would have ever realized what I use to do with my old pictures and magazine clippings would one day turn in to a big booming hobby?!

Well, I guess the kid is still in me. I know this is the age of digital scrapbooks and I am not above getting one, but I still have to say I love the work and creativeness that goes in each handmade scrapbook page. I like being the creator. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment with each finished page. I like the papers, ribbons, brads and stickers. Well, I guess you get the idea...

Anyway, I have scrapbooks for both my kids. From birth to present I have creations with updated pictures of my two babies. Well, actually that is sorta of a little white lie...I have pages and pages of them up till a year ago. You see, I'm just a little behind. Since going back to work, I haven't had as much extra time as I use to. I have a scrap booking club I go to once a month, but we only do one page and it is a set theme. So, as you can imagine that gets me no where fast!

The truth is I have stacks of pictures, certificates, newspaper clippings ready for each child, just sitting there ready to be put on a page. A years worth of pictures and I still had a meltdown tonight! One of those moments when your husband just simply looks at you, as if to say: "WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL?!!" It is a big deal, isn't it?

You see, I missed the note that said my son was having class pictures last Wednesday. I find out tonight that it was LAST WEDNESDAY! And on the picture envelope it states, pictures must be ordered and paid for on the day of the picture taking. Which means we do not have a 4Th grade class picture for my son! BOYS!!!

Now, I know some of you are thinking, like my husband: "WHAT 'S THE BIG DEAL?!!" But if you are a scrapper, then I know you understand... Now I will have one less page in his scrapbook. All the other grade's pages will have class pictures. (That is if I ever find time to scrap again!)

Truth. I did have a five minute meltdown, but I will recover, don't worry. I know in the scheme of things that it is only a picture. The silver lining is that since I didn't realize it was picture day and therefore I am not sure what my son was wearing that day, if his long hair was combed down or if he even had a bath the night before... well I probably wouldn't have wanted the picture anyway! At least that is what this scrapper is telling herself...

Oh, but if you are reading this and by chance have a child in my son's class...could I maybe scan your class picture some time???


Amber said...

Sounds about like me. Sawyer's class is having a little book published with their writing in it. Totally forgot to send back my check and form for a copy of the book. I just let my son's big writing debut fly out the window. Nice.

Jim said...

As a proud recipient of one of you girls' creations, I can testify to the value and delight of having a scrapbook that details whole experiences of life that would have been forgotten without the loving attention to putting it together. Thanks. When you get older and begin to lose details of memory, it helps to recall and enjoy those days again and again.

Amb, can't you obtain a copy of the book and do a photocopy, too?

Sis, keep after your guys and gal to keep you informed and up to date. It is a BIG DEAL they will realize down the road!