Saturday, February 28, 2009

Disciple Now '09

And we are off... Last night our first BIG youth event of the year took off and running. Disciple Now. If you have ever been a part of one you know that it is a mini camp that most times has a great impact on those young hearts attending.

Last night went great! Everything went smoothly. We had over fifty kids sign up (we would have had more, but there was a baseball tournament, quiz bowl and mock trial all planned this weekend too!!!) There was great music, an awesome speaker and hopefully many opened hearts.

Keep us in your prayers and I will try and keep you posted!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Yesterday seemed a day for drama. Whether it was due to working environments, school or even the illnesses or deaths of friends and loved ones. It was just a hard day.

I've tried to find a way to focus on the blessings, remembering the peace of God, when the stormy days come around. Yet it is so hard sometimes, when you are caught up in the roaring winds of hurt and you feel like you are drowning in floods of frustration.

However, last week I started doing something new. Due to conviction over the need to pray more, in other words praying throughout my day "without ceasing" and not just when I need something, I started a Praise Book. It is not a new concept. In fact I have journals and journals of prayers. Yet this one is different. It is full of PRAISE! Even if it is the fact that I am still breathing, there is ALWAYS something I can be thankful for.
I decided to write a praise in my book when I start my day. I write something as I turn in for the night. And I fill in the time in between with thankful thoughts too. You know what? It really does help. Not only am I praising my Lord as I write, the words are there and I can go over them over and over again, every time I need a little pick me yesterday.

Yesterday. I truly believe God allows us those days to test the waters, to see how far we are willing to get out of the boat and walk to him in faith. How much will it take before we sink under the pressure and get swallowed by waves of unbelief? Just when I think, I can't take the burden of something else... that I'm drowning, I see the hand of Christ lifting me back up.

So many people have no faith. Like the young girl that works with me. Yes, when asked she believes there is a God, yet her Mom has never taken her to church. She is so quiet and shy. I wonder what, if anything does she truly believe? I'm sad.

And then I am thankful. THANKFUL??? Yes, for someone else's lack of faith always makes me more thankful for my own faith. For I have the silver lining in the storm clouds that come my way. I see the hand reaching for me and know the Savior to whom it belongs. So, when the issues of life take their tole. When I want to have another one of those big pity parties. When I get easily frustrated and think "this is the worst day ever!!!" I remind myself of my Lord who cares. I remember that I have strength and peace that comes from my Heavenly Father...I can't imagine how I would get through the day to day without it. I am lifted back on top of the waves to walk hand in hand with my Lord. And that is PEACE.

By the way, when I started my praise book, the first thing I wrote down was a scripture;

I read it over and over yesterday. "Thank you, Lord for seeing me through the day. I will praise you in the storms of my life."
"And I will praise you in this storm
And I will lift my hands
for you are who you are
No matter where I am
And every tear I've cried
You hold in your hand
You never left my side
And though my heart is torn
I will praise you in the storm."
Casting Crowns


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


When I was a young girl one of my favorite things to do was cut up my mom's magazines and catalogs. I would draw floor plans on paper and cut out furniture and people to go in my imaginary home.

When I was in high school I would cut out my favorite movie titles, pictures of cute guys and just little sayings that I read and liked and then plaster them all over my binders.

Today, although I'm finding it hard to find the time, I love to scrapbook. Who would have ever realized what I use to do with my old pictures and magazine clippings would one day turn in to a big booming hobby?!

Well, I guess the kid is still in me. I know this is the age of digital scrapbooks and I am not above getting one, but I still have to say I love the work and creativeness that goes in each handmade scrapbook page. I like being the creator. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment with each finished page. I like the papers, ribbons, brads and stickers. Well, I guess you get the idea...

Anyway, I have scrapbooks for both my kids. From birth to present I have creations with updated pictures of my two babies. Well, actually that is sorta of a little white lie...I have pages and pages of them up till a year ago. You see, I'm just a little behind. Since going back to work, I haven't had as much extra time as I use to. I have a scrap booking club I go to once a month, but we only do one page and it is a set theme. So, as you can imagine that gets me no where fast!

The truth is I have stacks of pictures, certificates, newspaper clippings ready for each child, just sitting there ready to be put on a page. A years worth of pictures and I still had a meltdown tonight! One of those moments when your husband just simply looks at you, as if to say: "WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL?!!" It is a big deal, isn't it?

You see, I missed the note that said my son was having class pictures last Wednesday. I find out tonight that it was LAST WEDNESDAY! And on the picture envelope it states, pictures must be ordered and paid for on the day of the picture taking. Which means we do not have a 4Th grade class picture for my son! BOYS!!!

Now, I know some of you are thinking, like my husband: "WHAT 'S THE BIG DEAL?!!" But if you are a scrapper, then I know you understand... Now I will have one less page in his scrapbook. All the other grade's pages will have class pictures. (That is if I ever find time to scrap again!)

Truth. I did have a five minute meltdown, but I will recover, don't worry. I know in the scheme of things that it is only a picture. The silver lining is that since I didn't realize it was picture day and therefore I am not sure what my son was wearing that day, if his long hair was combed down or if he even had a bath the night before... well I probably wouldn't have wanted the picture anyway! At least that is what this scrapper is telling herself...

Oh, but if you are reading this and by chance have a child in my son's class...could I maybe scan your class picture some time???

Monday, February 23, 2009

A little PRAYER to start the day...

I will start this post with an explanation as to why I am at home blogging and not at work this morning...I had a rough Sunday. I was teaching Sunday School, Sunday morning when I started seeing the spots. I struggled to get through my class and not alarm the little five year olds that I teach. I've had them before and also know that usually a HUGE migraine will follow soon. Sure enough, while sitting in church, the headache hits. It is probably one of the few times that it HURT to hear my husband's beautiful voice in song!!! I also have absolutely no clue what my pastor's words were either. I hope people thought I was praying and not sleeping, for I honestly did have my eyes shut for most of the service, off and on...

It let up a little right after church and I struggled to choke down my lunch, but as soon as I got home I hit the sheets. I stayed there until this morning at about 2:20a.m. My back started hurting...I'm afraid one of these days we will have to break down and get a new mattress! If I stay in bed too long, my bad back starts crying out in pain. Which basically means NO SLEEP! Oh, but I am not finished... at about 4:00 I start having a pain in my stomach. I've also had these before, usually after I eat something that doesn't agree with me (probably the beginning of gallbladder problems) and the pain will not go away until I literally get rid of the food attacking my body! I finally went to sleep in Kev's big comfy chair at 5:00a.m.! So, I did what any other "weakling" would do...I called in sick! I am doing much better now, but decided to rest after my disturbing night.

Since I am home and the phone will not let me sleep, I decided to check my email. I have received a few big prayer requests and would like to pass them on. I sometimes think God uses the yucky stuff in our lives (like not feeling well) to slow us down and allow us time with Him in prayer. Here are a few requests that I hope you will add to your own prayer lists today...

1. Amy and her family. This young mom has just discovered that the baby she is carrying has Trisomy9 a fatal chromosome disorder. She will carry the baby as long as she can, for she is a believer in Christ and believes in His miracles. However, she and her family must also prepare their hearts in case God decides to carry her baby boy on HOME to be with Him. Please wrap this family in your prayers.

2. Young Hannah. She is the niece of some friends of ours and is battling cancer. She doesn't have much more time... Her family has great faith and needs our prayers as they wait on the Lord. Again, we believe in the God of the Bible who speaks and it is done. Whether the miracle is a cure and a fantastic testimony on earth or the miracle is a young believer meeting her Savior and leaving a great testimony behind, this family needs our prayers. Please pray that the PEACE of Christ will surround this young lady and her family as they wait on God's timing.

3. We have some friends that have felt the calling of the mission field. They are in the process of getting ready for the day at the end of the summer when they will say goodbye to loved ones here and board a plane for a great adventure for Christ! Keep them in your prayers as they continue to adjust and get ready to the idea of living and serving on the mission field. For privacy and safety reasons I will not give their names or where they are going, but for my blogs sake I will call them the "Faithful Footsteps." As a former missionary kid, myself, I know first hand what is asked of those who go. Please honor them with your prayers as they faithfully follow in the footsteps of our Lord.

4. My husband is a student minister, so anything "youth" is very near and dear to our hearts. This coming weekend, my husband has his big Disciple Now planned. Please pray for the 50 something kids signed up to come. We also have "host homes, young adult leaders, a speaker and a band coming for the event. I ask that you pray for safety in travel, and that there will be an attitude of worship in our group. This could be a very big chance for some of our kids to turn their lives around! I also would ask prayer for the 50 something kids in our group that didn't sign up to come for whatever reasons...we live in a busy world today, kids have all kinds of choices to make daily...unfortunately other activities often win over church events. I pray that those kids unable to attend will still find ways this weekend to grow in their relationships with Christ.

5. As I have said before, my husband has been gifted with great musical talent. Right now our church is without a music leader. My husband is filling in for right now. I know once upon a time the music minister and youth minister were usually the same person, however in today's world, at a church of our size, leading the music is not just a matter of opening a Hymnal and singing and youth...well you just have to come up with bigger and bigger things to "entertain" and keep their interest for them to keep coming. I say this to say, that although Kev loves music and loves leading, with only two ministers serving at our church, he is staying VERY busy! Please keep him in your prayers. May he continue to have an attitude of service as he works hard to meet the needs of the church family he loves.
Also I would like to ask for prayer for the man that may come. The music committee has found a man they like who plans to come this spring in view of a call. Please pray for him and his family for moving is never an easy decision! Also give our church family peace over having this man follow what he thinks is God's will for his life. Worship is an important aspect of church. This is no small decision.

Well, those are just a few of the prayer requests that have touched my heart today. There is nothing better than starting the day out with prayer...and with friends.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A little sunshine during my ordinary day...

I know, I'm blogging for the second time today...I can hardly believe it myself. Yet, I wanted to share my little "sunshine" moment.

My men came in from the camp early this afternoon. They had to quit working because of the rain. So, needless to say I was surprised when they came in the door, after expecting them to be gone most of the day.

In came my not so little boy, dressed like his dad in his camo overalls, old t-shirt, boots and ball cap. He was sweaty, dirty and slightly on the smelly side. It was one of those moments that only a mom could appreciate. The mixture of stinky boy and loving child that takes a mom's breath away. You see, my young man may have been on the dirty side, but in his hand was a bouquet of bright yellow flowers for the woman in his! I hugged him too...dirt, sweat and everything else!

Isn't it amazing that our Heavenly Father knows when we need a little sunshine in a rather ordinary day?

Just an ordinary day...

I haven't blogged for a few days, so I'm probably in trouble with my dad, again. He lets me know that I need to blog often so he knows what is going on in my life...of course I haven't figured out why the same principle doesn't apply to him too! Love you, Dad! Yes, I read your blog today!

Anyway, the problem is that nothing "interesting" has happened the last few days. No funny kid stories, no deep thoughts to ponder, no great adventures in the life of this family. This past week has simply been a normal, ordinary week. Work, school, church, etc...

I could write about all the sickness going around. The tummy bug, strep throat and now the flu, seem to be making its way around my small southern town. Three of us couldn't out run the stomach virus, but now as a paranoid mom should, I worry every time one of my children gets a headache...what if? Oh, we will not even go there!

I could write about the drama that continues at my work place, but I've already gone there and done that...although I've thought about creating a soap opera based around it. It could be title something like, "All My Children." Oh, wait, that title is already taken!

I could write about our incredible weight loss. Wait, actually I haven't lost anymore this past week. After being sick, it does take one a little while to get back into eating right...come Monday I will be back on target! I will send a shout out for my husband, for he was able to wear a pair of pants, yesterday, that he hasn't been able to wear in a long time. He was very proud. I was too! Way to go Kev!!!

I might be able to blog about reality television since I seem to be addicted to it! I am getting better...I don't record anything, so if I miss a show, I miss a show! I will say that the Biggest Loser, American Idol and Survivor do keep me entertained! That is if I can stay awake! I feel so old some days! My bed time keeps getting earlier and earlier.

I am going to announce that my family will be proud and have no reason for embarrassment any longer...the Christmas trees have finally come down! Yeah!

So, as you can see, nothing interesting, nothing note worthy, nothing even remotely funny...just plain old ordinary! I am getting ready to pay a few bills (YUCK!), wash a few loads of clothes (UGH!) and clean a little house (HELP!).

However, on the bright side...after all the drama, sickness, homework, and even frustration of a normal week of school and work, well it is kind of nice to just have a plain and simple ordinary day! I think I will try and "be glad in it!"

Here's hoping if you don't have anything exciting planned, that your day is worry free and pretty ordinary too! Happy Saturday, Everyone!

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Trip Home?

I just got back a little over an hour ago. My bags are still sitting in the kitchen floor where they were dropped when unpacking the car. A few groceries sit on the cabinet, those that didn't have to be refridgerated, because lazy me was too tired to put them in their place. (I'm sure they will still be sitting there tomorrow, after all every one in my family thinks that is Mom's job.) I managed to eat a bowl of chicken noodle soup (first thing I've eaten all day, with the exception of a biscuit at my mom's house.), since the tummy virus seems to have attacked my household this weekend and is blessing me with a repeat appearance! And I sat down to check my "mail" and thought I would chat for a brief moment...

I was gone this weekend. I went home, I guess you could say. I've said this before, but being a minister's kid, well I moved all over, lived all over the world and have always had trouble answering the question; "Where are you from?" Hmmm...where am I from? Truth? I always said I was from the place where my Nanny lived. She was the stable part of my upbringing. I knew that no matter where my parents lived, her house was always there, her couch was always ready for me and her arms were always open...

Until a little less than two years ago. My Nanny went on to her palace in the sky to be with her Prince Jesus and left the rest of us floundering for a moment. Without her for a brief time, I felt I didn't have that childhood "HOME." Don't get me wrong, home is with my husband and children...that is where my heart is. Yet, everyone wants to know where they come from, a place to rattle off when people ask that "Where are you from?" question. We all need that place in our heart where we feel we came from and belong...

Well, I went on a trip this weekend. As I was driving through the mountains, that I had traveled through so many times, I got kind of excited. My kids were excited about seeing their grandparents and cousins, but although I was looking forward to that visit, I was excited for another reason... I was finally going HOME! My mom and dad had finally retired and had come back home to the place where they were born and raised. The place I had always called in the back of my mind, my home.

Thanks Mom and Dad for letting me come "HOME" this weekend! We enjoyed our visit. I look forward to your house always being there, your couch always being ready and your arms always being open for me and my family in the years to come!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It must be the bat ears...

My husband and daughter went to a concert out of town. I am enjoying the fact that they have started doing some things like that together...can't get too much daddy-daughter time, I say! Anyway, I spent the evening with Jordan. We watched a little television and did our Valentines for school, etc... Anyway, our other family member was in need of a quick visit outside, so Jordan had dog duty. No big deal really...

Or so I thought. Jordan comes running back into the house; "Mom, there is a big huge dog out in the back yard with Baby Girl! HELP!" I go running. Jordan has locked both dogs in the back yard, mainly because he is scared. As I leave our back door, I start yelling for our dog to come in the house, which is when the crazy barking started.

Picturing my dog getting chewed up by a big dog, I had a moment of pure panic...what was I going to do?! I get to the gate, still yelling her name. It is dark and Baby Girl is black. Evidently the other dog is black too, so I can hardly see them in the pitch black of night. As I hit the gate, my sweet little dog goes berserk! All of a sudden, I see two dark blobs chasing each other, one on the heels of the other, one dog running for its life.

Now the funny part of this story, is that when my eyes finally started to focus, I realized that my little dog, half chihuahua and half rat terrier was chasing and nipping at a big Lab. Who would have thunk it? I guess our little watch dog was out to save her master from the big, bad wolf! Where did the courage come from? It must have been her huge "bat ears." Maybe, she is a superhero among dogs and we didn't know it....

Baby Girl ("Bat Girl," as I like to call her!"

Monday, February 9, 2009

Admitting my addiction...

Before you read any further I must warn is not pretty. I have an addiction. It grabs me around 11:00 a.m. when I go to lunch and I start feeling the urge again at night, after my favorite shows are watched and dinner is eaten. I'm kind of scared to admit my weaknesses, I don't want you to think less of me. However, I must remind you that I am human...

The problem is that I am left with guilt...guilt over leaving the dishes unwashed or not tackling the laundry piles in the hall. Yet, the guilt isn't strong enough for me to stop. I've got it bad!

You see, I'm addicted to a thing called Facebook. I know, you are horrified right now, aren't you? I can't seem to help myself. It is like a connection to the rest of the world. I can waste hours, looking at friend's pictures, seeing what my favorite teenagers are up to or locating old pals.

It still amazes me that I can talk to my sister, my old suite mate in college and a kid in our youth group all at the same time... I've been able to reconnect with my old high school friends as well as kids in three different youth groups, that use to belong to Kevin.

I posted some pictures today, some old pictures at that and within seconds friends were commenting on them...

Yes, I'm addicted. You just have to love modern technology!

Oh, by the way, are you my friend?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I felt like I signed my life away!

Well, I really hate to bring this up again, but I went to the dentist today. Actually I went and saw two dentists today. Two? You ask. Yes, two. You see, for some reason I'm finding out that each dentist has their specialty and love to pass you around among their dental comrades...or so it seems.

The truth is that I had to have a reconstruct done on my root canal a few weeks ago. Today was the second half of that process. It hurt a little more today than last week, but I lived to now tell about it. After leaving the dentist's office I then had to go to the surgeon down the street for a consultation, because I have to have a wisdom tooth pulled before they can cap off my tooth with the root canal. Crazy, huh? I'm still not sure I understand it all. I do know this, that sometime in March I will be having my wisdom tooth pulled...I'm a little on the scared side.

Why? Because at the dentist's office today I literally signed my life away, that is why! I had to initial that it was OK if the dentist accidentally breaks my jaw, after all, I am no longer young with mushy bones, I have old bones that are getting more brittle by the day! I need to go and drink a glass of milk right now!

I also had to initial where it says I could end up paralyzed in the mouth, bleed badly or just plain die...yes, you read right. I just signed my life away! Over one stinking tooth!!! I'm thinking that there are certainly more glamorous ways to meet Jesus than death by tooth! Unfortunately, I guess somewhere it has happen to someone, therefore this dentist wanted my signature on the dotted line.

Of course I might as well, because I about croaked right there in the office anyway when they told me how much it was going to cost. One tooth...anybody have a pair of pliers I can borrow?

I'm thinking by the time I get my mouth all fixed, my kids can forget ever going to college and I might should just invest in some life insurance now!

Somehow it just doesn't seem right to fork over money to LOSE A TOOTH! What am I exactly paying for? All I know is the tooth fairy better be real good to me. A quarter just will not do this time...