Sunday, November 2, 2008

Amazing Race... Amazing Life...

It is Sunday night. My family loves to watch the Amazing Race. I was the first one to get hooked. I guess it takes me back to my childhood a little as I watch people race around the world; catching planes, getting lost in a foreign countries and enduring the heat... It reminds me of friends I use to have in school, places I use to visit and dreams I once had. Tonight they were in India and I smiled when my son was in awe of the fact that I had been there.

Yes, I had seen first hand the cows in the street, felt the unbearable heat and knew what it felt like to be swarmed by crowds of people. Yes, I have seen elephants like that. Yes, I have ridden in one of those little "golf cart looking things." Yes, I've been lost in a foreign country... my son is always full of questions.

The truth is, I've had a very adventurous life. The sad part is, that I led it without realizing how awesome it was. I read my dad's blog tonight, where he talked about transitions, for he and my mom are about to make another one. He was telling how many times he moved and how many houses he had lived in and it got me thinking. This is what I discovered.

Before I got married...
I lived in 13 different houses.
I've lived in 4 different states.
I've lived in 3 different countries (including the USA).
I've visited 28 states (including Hawaii and I've been to Washington D.C.)
I've visited 12 different countries and 3 different continents.
You can add 4 more countries to the list if just being in the airport counts!
I went to 4 different elementary schools, took three different correspondence courses, went
to two International Schools, one American high school and a Baptist college. In 9th
grade I lived in a boarding house, in a totally different country than my parents for a
I've lived in an apartment, a guest house, a duplex, a motel, a dorm room, a bungalow and
with Grandma. :)
I've walked in muddy flood waters and on sandy beaches.
I've been on a bus, train, plane, car, taxi, rickshaw, tuk-tuk, bicycle, elephant... and who
knows what else!
I've seen the Eiffel Tower, the London Bridge, the Swiss Alps and the Taj Mahal.

My lists could go on and on. I have so many experiences, so many memories... My only regret is I didn't enjoy some of the adventures while I was on them. I remember wanting to be in America, just doing "American " things, but now I look at my daughter who DREAMS of going somewhere and wonder "What was I thinking?" What is that old saying about always wanting what you don't have and never appreciating what you got?

Truth is, my families' adventures were not always easy. We did have many transitions, too many, too close together at times. It is hard to change schools and friends every year! But there were many good experiences too. The ability to experience the world, having friends from other cultures, seeing new places and doing unusual things... I led a blessed life.

I guess the key to all of this is, that no matter where you are, be thankful, because when you look back you will appreciate the journey you took, because it made you who you are at that moment. Thanks Mom and Dad for giving me a childhood full of adventure. It is one thing my daughter is in awe of...


Jim said...

Amazing it was...and is! I still have to pinch myself and affirm what has happened. One great thing is that we have photographic evidence of the race. Now, it is not presently in the best of arrangements, but I hope we can remedy that when we get settled into our next leg of the "race". Maybe that will be one of the million dollar "prizes" for, well, not finishing but maybe "racing in smaller circles" for a while. I sure am glad you and Amb were on our team. You did well, and endured some pretty hard conditions for your part, and I am proud of you.

Love you,

Amber said...

You've crossed over! This is usually my sappy speal....

By the way...I'm so stealing your list thingy for my blog!!!

Love ya