Sunday, November 16, 2008

Picture Madness!

Every fall it happens...I TRY to make an attempt to take pictures of my kids for Christmas cards. The problem comes when my kids decide they have better things to do with their time than to "cheese" at the camera. The impromptu photo shoot usually ends with someone mad,(ME!) someone frustrated, (ME!) and someone wanting to pull their hair out! (ME!!!) I understood when my kids were two, four and even six, but at the ages of "10" and "12," you would think they would know how to be still and smile for ten minutes!!! Evidently not! Our first attempt started before Sunday School this morning and ended in a shouting match. The neighbors probably thought we needed to go to church, the way we were shouting at each other. The before church fight ended when I made them both feel lousy for treating their mom that way and a promise that they would smile for me after church was over... Well, I have to say they didn't fuss about taking the pictures, no they just decided that this time they would act stupid and thought everything was hilarious. What's a mom to do? I did get a few, very FEW decent shots, so this mom will hopefully have another moment to be able to torment her kids and get a few more. In the meantime, if that photo opportunity doesn't happen, I need a little help... Please let me know which picture is your favorite, just in case I have to use one of these. However, I am hoping there will be some picture moments ahead with the holiday coming up.
Photo #1
(what do you think of Jordan's "Zack and Cody" hair? I think he needs a trim!)

Photo #2
(I don't know why this picture is showing up fuzzy. It isn't on my camera.)

Photo #3

(Oh, they do love each other! Sniff, sniff, tear. :) )

(Note to my sister: did you see what Kayla was wearing around her neck? She liked it a lot!)


Amber said...

I did notice the necklace!! :) I'm glad she liked it!

I like #3. You just reminded me that I have to take our Christmas picture...ugh.

I do like Jor's stuff.

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

My first thought when I saw Photo #1 (even before I read your comment under it) was "Oh! He looks just like Zach & Cody!" which by the way is a compliment because I think they are too cute. My second thought was "Oh. My. Word. Kayla looks just like Kevin with long hair!" I've never noticed before. That, by the way, is also a compliment! But for Christmas cards I like Photo #3.

Jim said...

Mom said she liked #1 - My computor's wide screen distorts all photos so it's hard for me to tell exactly what it looks like for real. Probably #1.