Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A little of this and a little of that...

No real big news or deep thoughts found here tonight, just killing time while I wait for the last load of clothes to finish washing, so I can put them in the dryer and go to bed. for some reason my family needs socks tomorrow, and unfortunately for me, there doesn't seem to be a clean pair to be found! So while I wait, you are stuck with these random thoughts...

Wow! the election is finally over. All that work, all the ads on TV, all the gossip about who will win and why, all of it really all over? Can we call for a reelection? :) I don't think everyone got the right memo on who to vote for!!! Actually, in truth, I'm glad it is over. I get so frustrated every time an election comes around. I'm not a confrontation; person, so I get tired of all the debating, the angry words and finger pointing commercials. It plum wears me out to think about it all. I'm not big on who won (mainly because I still don't know who he really is) but I am glad the race is finished.

Fireproof. A very sweet movie. My family went to see it the other night and I loved it. Is it going to win any awards? No. But like Facing the Giants, the story is real and you find yourself caught up in it, forge ting that the acting could be better. Kirk Cameron does a great job in it too.
The book "The Love Dare" is good too.

I just got finished putting the rubber bands around my two shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. It was fun buying the little toys and crayons, thinking of a little child opening the box and getting a few Christmas surprises. My only problem is that we have to do it so early, before the Christmas season starts. It would help my kids get more in the spirit of the gifts if it was closer to the holiday.

My daycare class finger painted today. I know you are probably thinking; "I thought she had the infant class?" I do. We made hand print turkeys. We made the body brown and then painted each baby finger, a different color, one at a time. I then drew legs, a beak and added a wiggly eye. They turned out so adorable. I wish I had one at home to post. they were cute, all the little baby hands...

Well, I hear nothing, which means my washer is finished. I am tired, so I'm going to close this little chat and go to bed. Hopefully next time, I'll have something important to say... or then again maybe not!


Jim said...

Everything you say is important, and the way you say it I find refreshing. Nothing is mundane with you. That's one of your gifts. Just writing about the dryer and socks is every bit a part of life as an election campaign concluded. Folks need to stop and "smell your roses, or socks, or whatever" and enjoy the moments they have. They are too soon gone.

Love You,

Amber said...

Aw...turkey hands. The other day when I picked up Tate from school, his teacher was painting their hands to make turkeys. I bet those baby hands are sweet!!!