Friday, November 21, 2008

A little of this and a little of that...

I don't have anything real significant to say or a really great story to tell, so for my family that keeps up with us through my blog, here are a few tidbits of what went on in our lives this past week...

Jordan went hunting two days after school with Kevin. He is really into hunting right now as long as his fearful nature (which he inherited fro his mom) doesn't get the better of him. He overheard the "old" men talking about bears and bobcats around the campfire one night and Kevin has had a very hard time convincing him that there haven't been any "lions, tigers and bears" around camp for a very long time...I did say it was the "old" men scaring my baby, didn't I? Anyway, it hasn't kept him from going, but you can tell he thinks about it when he goes!

Jordan also had "book fair" this week. I always tremble when I send money with him to the book fair. He is not my reader. He reads well, but doesn't enjoy it one bit! For example, Kayla has asked for some books for Christmas, a series she is reading. Jordan? No way is he going to "ask" for a book unless it is a special event like the book fair. I was happy. He actually came home with 2 books among the posters, pencils and bookmarks. there is hope...

today was Grandparent's day at Jordan's school. Kevin's parents went and ate lunch with him. Grandpa told Kevin later that he thought maybe Jordan didn't really want him there, because he wouldn't introduce them. I asked Jorboy about it, to which he replied: "I didn't want to get in front of the class and do it! My friend Clint didn't do it either!" Oh well! Truth is I know he wanted them to come because he invited them himself, so he probably was just a little embarrassed! Boys!

Kevin had to drive the Senior adults to a really nice restaurant in the next town, last night. He invited Kayla to go with him, since he hasn't been able to spend much time with her lately. It was their daddy-daughter date and the senior adults ate the idea up. Kevin certainly earned brownie points last night!

Kayla had her flute test today. She has been very nervous about it all week. The test was to decide what "chair" she would be. She hasn't found out the results yet, but is a very happy camper that it is over. She said she wasn't the best or the worst, so hopefully that means it will all turn out OK.

Kevin was acknowledged with a little bonus at work for all his hard work this year, helping with the music, while our church searches for a music minister. It was a nice gift and it made Kevin feel good to be appreciated. He has also been excited for the Monticello football team. He is the team chaplain and meets with them every week, prays with them, shoots video during games and shows highlights, etc... Well, our team is doing very well. Hopefully they can keep on winning. Kevin says if they stay on top of their game, that they are good enough to go to state. He would love for them to and for them to win, because as chaplain he would get a championship ring too! Boys!

I'm happy because they finally separated the babies from the walkers at work. I thought I was going to have a mild heart attack daily from nerves, keeping walking babies from falling on, throwing things or hurting the newborn babies. It has been a lot easier since the change.

I have also been able to help my sis out this week and have fun while doing it. Just call me the official salesperson for NOLA MAE. It has been fun! And yes, Amber, your pendants are cute!

As for the weekend...hopefully a win at the football game tonight and hunting tomorrow for the boys, a birthday party for Kayla and a lot of house cleaning for me. I will say that my husband was really sweet today and washed a lot of my laundry for me this afternoon. Wow! Another night of brownie points for him!

Well, I will wrap this up. It is my goal to show you a picture of a new and improved office sometime soon... I better get my own whip a crackin'.

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Amber said...

I'm telling ya...a career in marketing would have suited you well!!!!

Glad that you are finally getting a break at work. I know that you are relieved that they finally worked it out.

Yikes...I remember my flute tests. Hope it goes well for Kay.