Saturday, November 8, 2008

What happens at the deer camp stays at the deer camp!

Ah... I finally got a morning to sleep in, that is if you call 9:00a.m. "sleeping in." I guess when you have kids, the words "sleeping in" don't exist, unless it is a school day. Last night my youngest child slept with me. His dad spent the night at the deer camp and he wasn't happy that he couldn't and when daddy isn't home, he turns into this "little Mama's boy, " wanting to sleep in my room. I guess I will enjoy those "Mommy moments" while I can, for he is certainly growing up...

In fact, it is ironic, because he was just bragging about how "big" he was and all he can do at the deer camp, and then he turns into this slobbery mess of emotions, "can I PLEASE sleep in your room Mom..." So of course I let him, which meant I didn't get to sleep as late as I wanted! Oh the sacrifices, we parents make! :)

Truth is I find myself doing all kinds of crazy things during this time of the year, just to make my husband and son happy. Last night for example; I found myself driving to the deer camp at 7:30p.m. to pick up my son. He and my husband came to a compromise and I was the "key" in making it happen. My son got to go on the junior hunt last weekend and killed his first deer, so his dad and grandpa really just wanted to hunt alone today. It seems fair, the first day of deer season, to not have to keep up with your 10 year old son and grandson and Kevin plans on taking him hunting later. Problem with this scenario, is that Jordan wasn't happy! He has been bit by the hunting bug and now I have TWO hunting fanatics living in my home! So when his dad told him he wasn't hunting this weekend... well that is where the slobbery mess came in. Finally a compromise was reached... his dad would take him after school, to hang out with the men at the camp until bedtime, IF I would come pick him up. Funny how it is easier for me to go pick him up than his dad bringing him home... two words HUNTING SEASON!

It is funny how those two words change a man's demeanor. His schedule changes, his attitude towards money and time changes and even his parenting style changes. I say this last phrase very carefully, for I don't want you to get the wrong impression. My husband is a fantastic dad. He spends time with his kids, takes them places and shuffles them to and from school everyday. Since I've gone back to work and his job hours are more flexible, he has done a lot of "mommy tasks" for me and I truly appreciate him for it. However, there are those moments when I want to shout; "Have you lost your mind!"

Imagine my face when I first heard that my son was riding the big four wheelers alone. Imagine my heart, when he told me that he and dad raced... oh, I know you are now getting the picture. Of course, when his grandpa got him a gun last year for Christmas, my face was not beaming like Kevin's was and I still have to distract myself to not worry about my baby holding a gun. But, I knew what I was getting into when I married my husband. I knew that if I ever had a little boy, that this day would come.

I have a friend whose husband doesn't hunt, who won't let her child ride anything without a helmet and who thinks our family is crazy for wanting to hunt and then eating it later. I can't say that I blame her too much. I'm not a "deer camp" girl. I don't hunt or fish, I don't enjoy riding the four wheelers and wished they would all wear helmets and I'm not a big eater of "wild game." What I do love is my husband and his family and if my son wants to grow up to be "just like Dad," well I can think of many worse things in the world. So, what I ended up telling my friend is; "What happens at the deer camp, stays at the deer camp." It is easier on my heart that way!

Of course, my son still hasn't learned what not to tell me yet... like the fact that he rode too fast on the four wheeler last night and... be still my heart. It is called trust in my husband and his family and lots of prayer. Yes, my friends, it is hunting season. It seems my prayer life increases during this time every year!:)

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Amber said...

You got to sleep until 9:00? What? You lucky duck...I got to sleep in until 7:00! Whoopie!! And I had munchkins in my bed, too!

Ahhhhh...the joys of raising boys with manly-men daddies.