Sunday, January 17, 2010

Where I am at today...

It is Sunday morning and I am fixin' (good southern gal word) to go get ready for church. I'm excited, for I NEED worship today. Ever feel that way? Ever feel like life is so busy, that when you are at home, there is too distractions, that going to church brings the "peace" you need after a busy week?

I'm there.

This weekend was filled with cleaning, bill paying and hauling kids all over town. And I'm still not finished... depressing, huh?

I went to the grocery store yesterday and spent "way to much" on "healthy" food, because I know it is time to get back on track with my weight loss and eating right. The holidays are officially over, there is no excuse there. Why does it cost double to eat healthy? No wonder our world is full of big people, nobody can afford the "good for you" stuff!

Kayla went to a sleepover on Friday night, a birthday party for a friend. Three hours of sleep total. Then I had to wake her up Saturday afternoon from a good nap, to go to another birthday party. She was the busy bee this weekend. The second party was for two friends and it was a dance. Instead of gifts, the two girls wanted you to make a donation to "Make a Wish..." foundation. Kayla said they raised over 800 dollars last night. Way to go!

Jordan played his first ballgame with our Upward Basketball program at church. I thought he played great, but he is going to have to toughen up a little. His team lost (even though they didn't take score...but they are kids and they "know"), and he didn't like that one bit. But that is all about learning to play sports. You have good day and bad days, you lose some and you win some. It is a great learning experience.

My Christmas tree is still up. Hopefully, I will have the time to tackle it tomorrow. It is like everything... packing to go on a trip, decorating for a party or event, cooking... it is never fun cleaning up afterwards. But then that is life...

It has been raining all weekend. Wet and cold around here. I don't mind the rain if I can sleep in and curl up with a good book, but who has time for that?! I especially HATE loading the groceries in the rain...not fun at all.

If I seem kind of "blah," I guess I am a little. Which is why, I need to get off here and get ready for church. Maybe a little praise and worship will get me out of my "funk" and put a little pep in my step. Bring it on Lord! Whatcha got for me today?!!! For I know whatever it is, is way more important than me worrying whether my Christmas tree is still up and the dirty dishes in the sink...

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you have a beautiful day!


He & Me + 3 said...

Hope you have a relaxing Sunday and enjoy your time at church.

Andrea said...

Hope you can return from worship refreshed and renewed.
Doug and I returned late last night from SC (my great aunts funeral). I am exhausted from the long trip, but rejoicing in the faithful GOD I love so deeply.
Blessings, andrea

Kristin said...

Hope you had a wonderful day at church! I hate loading groceries in the rain too! And it is amazing how much more healthy food costs! Oh, and I have dirty dishes in the sink too :D