Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Here I go rambling again... (And I have a HUGE prayer request!!!)

So it has been a while since I really shared what was going on in my neck of the woods.

Well, I will tell you what hasn't been going on... SNOW!!! My poor kids keep watching the Arkansas map and realize that half the state has had their share of the white stuff, missing gobs of school, while my kids are still plugging along, making those grades. I keep telling them that when everyone else has to make up those school days, they will have the last laugh. Although Mr. Weatherman did say it might come our way Thursday or Friday, so we shall see...

I just got home from youth group... 107 people there tonight. WOW!!! We are really excited about the growth of our group.

Well, Kayla did pass the dreaded Social Studies test from a few posts back. My "drama queen" knew her stuff evidently well enough to pass. Funny thing is, teacher conferences were this week, so her daddy finally met the "wacky" teacher he had heard so very much about. As he and Kayla were talking to her about Kayla's grades, he asked to know the "breakdown" of what she made. In other words, like a normal dad, he wanted to know why her grade had dropped from an "A" to and 88%. First, the teacher didn't have the breakdown of the grades, and she was the only one he saw that day who didn't and then second, she couldn't tell him what Kayla made on her test. Actually, that isn't quite right... she knew that she made something like a 249 out of 274 (we are not even sure about the numbers), to which the teacher told Kevin and Kayla that they would have to figure it out because she wasn't the math teacher. HUH?!!! Needless to say she didn't leave a very good first impression with my hubby.

We had our big fundraiser for camp this weekend. Exciting. We have a Mayberry dinner theater. We served steak and potato and then had this drama group from Mississippi come in and perform. It was a lot of fun. The kids made around two thousand dollars in tips. Not sure about how much they made off the tickets. The countdown to camp has started. Love youth camp!!!

Here is a picture of Kayla and I at the Mayberry dinner. Yes, I look tired...because I WAS!!! Anyway, my hair is pulled back, but you can kind of get an idea of the new hair color. A little darker, brighter highlights. I will have to try and remember to take a "good" picture, when my hair is "fixed." I'm still not sure if I "love" the new do, yet. AND YES! I AM STARTING TO SEE HOW MUCH SHE LOOKS LIKE ME!!! (By the way, we had to wear white, with bluejeans.)

Oh, I almost forgot. The progress reports came out. The grades are in. Kayla made all "A's" and the one "B" in Social Studies. Jordan made all "A's" except for an 88% in Math. Very proud of my young chickeroos.

Shhh... I feel like I need to whisper even in my thoughts. I can't believe it but I can hear my kids having a conversation in the next room. They are actually sharing, talking...NOT FIGHTING!!! Oh, they do love each other after all!!! What that does to a mommy's heart!

Last, but certainly not least, I had asked for prayer a few posts back for my dear mother-in-law. She got her test results today and the mass was cancer. I am not sure what the road ahead looks like, but I know the journey will not be easy. Please keep her in your prayers as well as our family.

Blessings freinds! I am so thankful for the extra loving support I find here everyday. Thanks for letting me vent. Thanks for laughing with me on this journey we call life. Thanks for being prayer warriors on my behalf. I am blessed to have met you!!!


Andrea said...

I will continue to pray for your MIL. Go to and ask Edie to make a prayer button for her. She makes them free for urgent prayer requests. It is her ministry. Just tell her I sent you.

I am sure there are lots of people up my way who would gladly send your kids our snow. I love and actually I prayed for it, but don't tell all my neighbors or you could be attending a cyber funeral. Truly, I pray for blizzards at the beginning of fall and boy did GOD answer. We have NEVER had snow like this.

Hugs, love, and prayers, andrea

Jim said...

We're proud as punch for the kids and their grades. Let them know. Glad to see your work there is going well with the youth. Really does make a person feel they're making a difference in lives.

And please tell the folks we have them in our prayers. Let us know the progress on treatments.

Love you,

Tiffany said...

Oh, I will be praying. I think your daughter may have been right about her teacher! {wink} And both you and your daughter are gorgeous!! You have the prettiest smile.

homeschool101 said...

Yes, you both do look alike. Wow! What is your mother in laws name? Will definately keep her in my prayers. If you get a button made let us know so we can post it. I would be happy to make you one also. Just let me know. Will definately cover you and your family as well. God bless you friend!

3 Blessings said...

Great picture of you and your daughter! I will say a prayer for your mother in law. Please keep us posted on how we can specifically pray for her needs.

Alleluiabelle said...

Dear Friend,

Your family is beautiful. My prayers will be said for your mother-in-law. Cancer is an ugly "thing". My sister was just diagnosed with it a couple of weeks ago and underwent surgery last Thursday. Awaiting more biopsy results.

Again, praying.


Jennifer said...

Great job, kiddos!!

Will be praying for your mother-in-law. Keep us updated.

Tiffani said...

Definitely praying for your MIL!

So proud of your kiddos!

And, I LOVE the new haircolor! I'm so ready for a change! Looks very nice even after all your hard work!

Kristin said...

Praying for your MIL. I love your hair and y'all do look so much alike! :)

Terri said...

I will pray for you MIL~ I know the feeling when you hear you kids actually having nice conversation....It is music to my ears! :) We are getting reading for the 5th grade writing test and the CRCT.... fun is this school stuff! I am about to loose my mind :) Have a great day!

Amber said...

Praying for Miss G.
I'm so sorry, and I know that the road won't be easy. But God is good. All the time.

Love you much.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Your poor MIL. I'm so sorry. Cancer seems to be affecting so many people that I know right now. Our pastor is fighting it with all he is worth and is barely 50.

christy rose said...

I loved this rambling post! that is so great that your youth group made $2,000 for youth camp. I like the idea of a dinner theatre.

I am sorry to hear about your MIL. I will be praying for her.

He & Me + 3 said...

The youth group numbers are awesome as well as your kids percentage numbers. Great job. That picture of you and Kayla is beautiful. I could totally see the highlights. Love them.
Sorry to hear about your MIL. I will pray.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Whew... that's busy sister. For the record, two words I hate to hear... "snow day."

Yes, I will be praying.

Love your hair.

You look fine in white.

$2000 in tips? Maybe I should brush up on my waitress techniques...


Jenilee said...

isn't the support from blog world amazing? just hopping over from Kari's blog... I'll pray for your MIL - such devasting news but our God is bigger! love how you raised money for youth camp! We LOVE youth camp too... or for us, being children's pastor's, we raise money for kids camp! :)

Gretchen said...

Just said a prayer for your MIL, and will continue to do so as she comes to mind. So sorry about that.

So proud of your kidlets, though! And your hair is cute!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear the news about your MIL. Keep us updated, please.