Monday, February 1, 2010


So Mich, what is up with you lately?

Well, friend, I am so glad you asked...NOTHING.

I spent the weekend either sick or resting. Thanking the Lord that I am better today.

I got my hair done Saturday. Same old style, just a darker shade. Still not use to the darker highlights next to my face. Hmm...

Went to work today, "crying" seemed to be the order of the day. But God was good, for I, believe it or not had lots of patience today. Scary. I wonder what He is gearing me up for.

Our church called an interim pastor, which is great. Takes some of the extra pressure off the hubby. Now our church can start looking for the pastor God has for us.

One of the girls in our youth group, who graduated last year, found out she is pregnant. My heart breaks for her and the hard journey that lays ahead. But, I am going to love on her constantly and remind her that she is not alone. Other than that I feel helpless. Like a second mom, who somehow failed a little in her counsel of this young one. Lord, wrap this child of your in your arms today, for she is so very scared and mad at herself right now.

My daughter and I went to the flea markets in town after I got off work. Love browsing the aisle, looking through other peoples trash and discards and finding treasures. I'm picky in what I buy, but I love pieces that have character, tell a story of their history and just make me smile. My house is not matchy matchy. I surround myself with things that I like and somehow they just go together. The older the piece, the better, I say. Except for the couches and chairs. I really could use a new couch...

Kayla on our little shopping spree, found a booth with jewelry that was all marked a dollar. The girl went wild. As I have said before, she is quirky in her fashion sense, but somehow it all seems to flow.

The guys are at Upward, our basketball program at church. Jordan is loving it. I think anytime you can mix learning scripture with a sport your child loves, then it is GREAT.

Since the guys are gone and it is "fend for yourself" for dinner, night at our house, I think I will go put the pj's on, curl up in the big chair, with a big bowl of cereal and watch my shows. Yep, I must admit my weakness, but the Bachelor has me hooked this year. This guy means business, he keeps sending the girls home, left and right and that fascinates me. So, Monday I'm hooked.

Oops! Kev just called. I have to be "Super wife" and go rescue him. I think he said he needs me to bring him some clothes...something about splitting his pants. Hee! Hee! that happened to me just the other day. My favorite jeans. You know the ones that you have had forever and a day, they are so very soft and have holes at all the right places? Yep! They finally said "bye! bye!" I miss them... Nothing like comfort clothes. Have I told you about...

Oh, almost forgot! Sorry honey, just chatting with my friends... Super wife to the rescue...

Now what did I do with my cape?


Bridget said...

hehe! Hope you found your cape!

I would have gone wild at the jewelry booth, too!

Andrea said...

You always make me smile. THANK YOU! I have added your blog as a link on arise 2 write.

He & Me + 3 said...

This post was too cute. I hope you got your hubby rescued. LOL
Glad you are feeling better and $1 jewelry is always a win win.

Kari @ p.s. said...

You should post your new do! I hope you're feeling better. Pour love all over that girl - it will mean more than you'll ever know! Go super wife!

Jim said...

So, Ms Mild.Mannered.Reporter,your reports of super "daring do" have captured my attention and I want to extend my personal congratulations for jobs well done. As I "look," I thank the Lord for sending you to this corner of my planet.


Jo said...

Not much going on in my neck of the (literal) woods, either.
You mentioning your flea market trip reminded me of how much Nanny loved to do that, and loved being a part of one. She was a sociable queen bee, wasn't she? And she loved to find (and give) bargains! I miss doing those things with her.
And, I hope "super wife" rescued her hubby before it got too embarrassing! Have a good Tuesday!

Aunt Jo

Angela said...

Just too precious. I was at a shower on Sunday and I have this black cape..well it was so windy outside that the cape flew up and over my head..and I screamed..'bat girl'! LOL LOL..everyone just stared at

I'm on my way to help declutter girl..get the coffee on for me please,,,

Heart2Heart said...


I think all of us wives feel like part time super heros most days! I am so glad that you are feeling a little better and that you are sharing the love of God with the teen at church that is pregnant. You are at least letting her know she is not alone.

Gotta love the Bachelor this season!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Gretchen said...

Glad you're recovering. Sorry your shows were interrupted, but it sounds like your guy is more than worth the trouble. So sorry to hear about your friend in youth. You're doing the right thing. So hard, though. Hugs, friend.