Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy as Punch!

Boy am I TIRED!!! Yesterday I was so busy, I didn't get my Sunday afternoon NAP. It is Biblical PEOPLE! Not a good way to start my week. Just saying...

My hubby was up in the night with a tummy ache, something he ate didn't agree with him. Which means I was awake too. My night went by way too fast for my liking. I dragged out of bed this morning... I was exactly three minutes late for work. Maybe I still have a job. :)

This week is BENCHMARK in my little corner of the world. The WORST school week of the year for grades 8Th and under. My poor babies have to endure testing all week long. Don't you know there will be some good humor around our house in the evenings. Let the bottled up frustration flow, kiddos, let it flow. Mom is already bracing herself...

It is never good to start the week with no clean clothes. We had a super busy weekend... so I guess I have laundry duty tonight. Oh, the joy!

Did you know it was Monday?!!! Oh where, oh where did my little weekend go?

But you know what? Even though it is gearing up to be "one of those weeks," I'm happy. I am really trying to not fret over the little things, for when I remember how little some people have... I have beautiful kids, despite their fussy attitudes. I have a hubby who needs me, instead of one who could care less. At least I have a job, when so many don't and yes, I have plenty of things to wear, dirty or clean. So, my new goal is to take things in stride, appreciate all the little stuff more and just plain be HAPPY. Want to join me in this challenge?

I will end today's post with another Mich story for you to laugh at. This one beats dancing with the wasp BIG TIME!

Anyway, after church, yesterday afternoon, we had a Bridal shower for the church secretary's daughter. A beautiful girl, inside and out, who grew up in the church. She had one of the biggest showers I have been to, since moving here. I was one of TWENTY hostesses. Yeah, you heard me right. And the room was packed. As for the gifts... THREE tables full, plus packages on the floor.

I was the gift lady, which meant after the bride-to-be opened something and showed her family, I took the gift and placed it on a table for everyone else to GAWK over. You do have to remember you are at church, ladies. No coveting here, please. :)

She received a lot of gifts and my feet hurt from standing for THREE hours. The shower was only suppose to last an hour and a half, but by the time I helped clean up and packed up the slew of gifts, well it was after four. Yep, pretty tired.

Now for the funny part. God really does seem to want to teach me humility this week. Seriously, every time I turn around I am doing something crazy and embarrassing myself to no end. Yesterday would be no different.

I had been standing doing my "job," for a while when one of the other hostesses said she would let me have a break. So I went straight to the punch bowl. The punch bowl was one of those that have a spigot. I'm sure there is a fancy name for them, but since I don't know it, I found a picture. Beautiful, but I am really missing the old fashion kind with a ladle, right now.

Anyway, I went to get me a drink. I put my cup under the spigot, lifted and expected the sweet punch to flow. Oh it flowed alright, but the whole punch bowl broke into two pieces, the part containing the punch, separated from the pedestal it was connected to. Mind you the punch is still flowing... Friends, my heart stopped, I could feel my face turning three different shades of bright red, I was scared to death that I had broken the punch bowl.

Here I was, with a broken piece of beautiful crystal in one hand, while punch was drowning the table, mortified. That is when you wish the ground would rise and swallow you whole. That is when you are thankful that you are among friends. SERIOUSLY!

After a couple of ladies came to my rescue and the mess was cleaned up, a couple of the ladies started to giggle. You see, they had "glued" the two pieces together before the shower "praying" that it would stay together. And it did for the better part of the shower...well, until "I" decided I needed a drink, that is. God, I do think you have a sense of humor. All in the attempt to say "Mich, get over yourself!" I'm sure.

I have to laugh now, but for a quick moment I was doing nothing but panicking. I am so thankful God graced me with a sense of humor and the ability to laugh at myself. I was very embarrassed, but I have had a good laugh over the whole thing since. Needless to say, the ladies think I should stick to the gifts and allow someone else to get the punch, in the future. :)

Hope you have a beautiful week!

Say a prayer for my kiddos. They have Benchmark testing this week. UGH!!!


3 Blessings said...

The punch story sounds just like something that would happen to me. My face constantly turns red around others because of my adventures and mishaps:)

Anonymous said...

My oldest has testing this week, too. The kindergarteners don't so the younger two are off the hook. I made them go to bed early and even fixed scrambled eggs for breakfast and made sure we were a little early. I set the bar high for the rest of the week. What do you want to bet I'm back to my usual morning craziness by Wednesday? Prayers for all of our testing kids. I don't enjoy this week of the school year.

Bless your heart with the punch story!!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautifully thankful post! It is uplifting. And the whole punch bowl thing is exactly the sort of thing that happens to me all the time; so I really feel for you, dear Mich. ☺

Dear Father, please bless the children with your grace this week, during their testing. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen


Kellie said...

That made me smile so big!! I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall. lol :) God does have a sense of humor and I am thankful for the moments of teaching and JOY He brings into our lives daily!!!

Heart2Heart said...


I can't imagine how you felt wondering just what was going on holding all the pieces to the punch bowl. Thankfully you were let off the hook when they confessed what happened.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

They glued the punch bowl? Maybe they need to have gift duty rather than you...

Oh my, too funny; sounds like a great many showcase moments I've had over the years. Bless your well-meaning, thirsty heart.

Oh, and as far as Sunday naps go, there really should be a rule about them... they are mandatory over here, and if my husband doesn't get his, watch out world!

Have a great week. I'm right there with you, in the trenches doing the mom/wife thing.


He & Me + 3 said...

Oh I could so see that punch story happening to me. lOL I will keep your kids in prayer. That can be stressful.

Amber said...

Been so out of it lately...I think I just caught up on like 50 of your posts.

Lovin' that you broke the punch spiggot bowl thingy. Really lovin' it because it was you and not me. :)

Love you much.

Bridget said...

I can relate to the punchbowl mishap ;D

Good luck to the kids on the Benchmarch tests

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Oh, that must have been so embarrassing! I would have just died! I'm glad embarrassing things don't just happen to me.

How is your little nephew doing?

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness Mich, that made me laugh out loud because I can see that happening to myself. I'd probably stand there for a second, trying to see if there was some way I could fix it without anyone noticing. Haha!!! So glad you could just laugh at yourself!