Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Friend For Rosie...

For umpteen years I have had the same cell phone. I have been told by many that my phone was "way not cool!!!" (mainly by teenage girls forced to use it at camp and my sister.) But you know what? I liked my little phone. It got the job done. I could call out and people could call me. That's all I really need right?

WRONG! According to my sister, I need a phone that can actually do something, a phone I can text on, a phone that takes pictures, a phone that just plain looks cool.
Here is the thing...I'm not a phone person. I talk to my family on the average of once or twice a week. I might call to make an appointment. And I do call my hubby for those questions like "When are you coming home?" or " What would you like for dinner?" Other than that...well, I don't text, I don't have it on me 24/7 and I have no clue how to work half of it's features any way. So why get a new phone?

Well, my old phone is finally wearing out. It won't hold a charge like it once could. So as much as I hated to give up on the little thing, my hubby and I went phone shopping. We went last night, he looked everything over, wrote down names and then went home and did a little research. Me, I just looked at the many displays in shock. As my dad is fond of saying "it blows my mind" how many phones there are to choose from. Take a girl like me, who knows nothing and well, I finally just stood back and let the hubby decide. After all, he was going to have to show me how to use it anyway!

Turns out when we went back to the store tonight, he went a totally different direction than last night. Me, I'm just happy to have a phone that works, yet a little overwhelmed at all the features and buttons. But hey! Maybe I will look a little cooler...

My old friend.

Oh, my sister, who doesn't go anywhere without her friend Rosie (the iPhone she got for her birthday) is very excited at just the idea that I have moved up in the world and upgraded. Amb, I thought you might want to see a picture of Rosie's new friend. Wonder what we can call her???


Anonymous said...

Oh your old phone lookes like mine did :) I Love that phone.

ok name ohoh
Cherry Jubilee :D

CJ for short lol

He & Me + 3 said...

You are so much cooler than me now. LOl
I don't text either and I really don't want too, but we may be upgrading soon too because hubs may be losing his work phone due to budget cuts. Ugh.
I am sure you will love your new friend.

Jim said...

Does your new no-name friend of Rosie have a new number? I figure she does because your old friend had a different area code, right? If you get a "name" I suppose we will need to, as well. Can't stay behind the times and not be cool, now can we?

Have you noticed just how many things your Sis does that we end up being "drawn" into? I confess, some I have ended up enjoying, though I said I probably wouldn't.

Well, enough for now. I'll see you in about 37 hours from now.

~*Michelle*~ said...

I am like you.....I don't want or need any gadgets on my phone, I don't text, I don't take pictures (I know who people are, I don't need to snap a photo on my phone, ya know?)

I just want it to ring and not drop a call when I need to use it. My trusty old phone is a loyal friend to me. She never lets me down.

My kids laugh at my phone, not only does it still have an antenna, it is a crooked antenna. HA! It might as well be one of those bag phones by the way they goof on me.

Have fune with all the bells and whistles on your new friend that you will be learning about now.

Sharon@JoyInTheTruth said...

Wowzie! Fancy fancy! :) And so up-to-date! Enjoy your new friend....let us know what you will name her! :)

Pilar said...

I love your new phone!!! and it is RED!!!! mu favourite color!!!!!

E @ Scottsville said...

Oh, I'm liking it!!! YOu'll be addicted like me in no time.

I think Rosie's friend should be called RUBY!


Heart2Heart said...

I love this post because you sound so much like me. My daughter just got a new phone, you know the ones they give away free because they can't sell them because no one would want to be seen with them but they get the job done? Well we got all ours free with a family plan for two years. Hey at least we didn't lay out any money for these right? They do make and receive calls and like me, I don't carry mine 24/7 like my teen daughter does.

I mean what did people do before the days of cell phones? I know enjoy life, like eating without having one ringing in a restaurant or while out having a day with the family. I just bugs me when people are on the phone while they are supposed to be doing things as a family!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Amber said...

SHUT UP! That is an awesome phone!! I'm so proud of you!!!! And Rosie is so excited to meet her new friend.

Look at you, fancy pants. I double dog dare you to not like it.

Oh...and what is Jim-Dad saying? That I have a tendency to pressure? Geez. Y'all will thank me one day. Mark my words.

Love ya.

chili pepper said...

Oh, pretty! How can you turn that one down?

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

I'm the same way about phones!! I still have my little wal-mart cell phone and I just won't give it up : )

I just read your posts about life in Bangladesh and I enjoyed them soooo much, Mich!! Wow! Amazing! The sacrifice your family made for Jesus is so inspiring.

christy rose said...

I so understand every single word in this post. I have a cheapo phone too. I only use it when I have to. I do not care to talk on the phone much. I think it is too hard to communicate when you can not see who you are talking to. It is only good for the necessities. Figure out what you need to know then get off of it. what would have been the point of getting a new phone if the one you had was still working? Sounds logical to me! But your new phone does look cool! And you can enjoy it knowing it was necessary now! At least that is how I would feel. Enjoy it! New gadgets are exciting though!
Have fun!
I think Ruby would be a good name too!

Mocha Momma said...

Oh, Mich, my old phone which doesn't hold a charge at all as of three months ago, is way older than yours.

It did serve my needs while it lasted. Your new phone is quite cool.

Some day I'll need a newer phone, but for now I'll go w/o.