Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Lesson Learned

We were at Walgreen's yesterday. Jordan was with me, picking up a few items and I had promised him he could rent a movie out of the Redbox outside. We were on the toy aisle. Trouble, I know, but I had a birthday gift to get, so I was seeing if they had a good buy. Jordan is concentrating real hard on a game he "thinks" he might like to have. I have already told them that I'm spending a lot of money on them this summer, that they need to work their chores without complaint and earn their own spending money. Sounds like a good plan, right? Well, there is always something...

All of a sudden he says "Mom." (I just know he is going to ask me to buy that game instead of spending his own money...)

"Yes, Jor?"

"I need to tell you something."

"What is it?"

"Promise you won't be mad?!" (Now, I hate it when they ask me this...)

"You know I can't promise that. You have to tell me what the problem is and then we will work it out."

"I spent my money." He already spent his money!!! He had almost thirty bucks...

"All of it?"

"Yeah, pretty much all of it."

"What on, dare I ask?" (Oh this had better be good.)

"Well, I put over twenty dollars in the offering at VBS. I was going to put just fifteen, but dad said I could always earn more, so I put in twenty two. Mad?"

OK After I picked up my jaw off the floor and made an attempt to not be in shock, I finally answered.

"You thought I would be mad if you gave your money to the missions offering at church?"

"Well, Mom, you did say to save it..." (I did say that.)

"Jor, I will never be upset if you want to give your money back to Jesus. Never. In fact, Mommy is proud."

He beams. I am in total love with him when he wears that smile.

Awww... My little green monster (read here) isn't totally selfish after all!!! I love this kid!!!

The game was forgotten. We were home before I realized he never even asked for it.

Lesson learned: Don't Always assume the worst. Your kids might just surprise you with the best!


Joyeful said...

Wow!!!! That is just awesome! He has totally blessed the heart of Jesus!

Thanks for the mommy lesson!

He & Me + 3 said...

That is so cool. What a sweet boy. A pleasant surprise.

Heart2Heart said...


Kids are amazing with their generosity to give unconditionally. Their heart is always in the right place for the most part.

I did that with my youngest and gave her $3.00 to put in her Bible for the next three services. After picking her up she said she felt she just give it all now. She could always give more from her allowance later.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Jim said...

What can I say? You've blown me away again! I would say, Jordan has blown me away, but he truly had me not "blown" but "shown" what the Lord can do with a sensitive heart. Now, in your case, I was really delightfully "blown" for just when I read about such as your recent "pity party" and then, turn around, your experiences do, too! I have to say you continue to give me a beautiful roller coaster ride of chills and thrills! Your ability to communicate and inspire, bring me to tears and smiles and laughter, then back again is a daddy's pride maker.

Love your honesty of self-revelation. It touches sympathetic hearts and helps.

Five Moms & A Blog said...

That is soo awesome! I love that story. Your right, I need to get better about not assuming the worst!

Thanks for your comment on the 5 moms today!!! Or yesterday as the clock says..I am a little behind!


Sharon Sloan said...

Oh that is great! Yippeeeee! That's a treasure to keep in your heart for sure! :)

Thanks for reminding me....the kids need to be prepared for the missions offering at VBS this morning!

christy rose said...

oh Wow! That would make any mommy's heart melt!

Amber said...

That kid. Man, I love him.

Good for you, Mama.

Beth Herring said...

Precious story of God working in our little ones lives!

I life in NE Louisiana and thought I would pop into your blog since we are so close!

Together We Save said...

What a wonderful surprise he gave you. You are very blessed.

makeyourhomesing said...

Oh how sweet. The Lord spoke to his heart and he listened. What a boy!

Mocha Momma said...

What a blessing! Sometimes our kids do surprise us with the most wonderful things.

You have raised him up right.
Good job, Mom.


Gretchen said...

Oh, thank you, thank you for such a beautiful reminder to think the best in each other. We, in this family, can be super hard on and quick to judge. WTG, Jordan!

really.truly said...

That is so sweet!!! You are so right. I'm going to try to not always assume the worst:) Good advice!

makeyourhomesing said...

BTW, I, too, love it when they used to say "You promise you won't get mad?" Lol!

Somtimes I wish they could be little again, just for one day!

Miss Charlene said...

Aww, we cant get mad at that! So sweet!!

Adeye said...

Oh my goodness, that is absolutely precious. You sweet boy has such a heart after God already, at such a tender age. I love it!

Thank you for your very sweet comment on my blog. It is so nice to 'meet' you here :)


E @ Scottsville said...

Oh wow. How awesome is THAT?! Cameron has asked before if he can put "too much" in the offering... and I've actually discouraged him. I've said "Cam, God doesn't expect you to put ALL of your money in there. He wants YOU to enjoy some of it, too?" Does that make me a bad Mommy?


Awesome that your son just did it, and of COURSE you couldn't be mad at that. What a sweet heart he has.