Thursday, September 3, 2009

Prayer for my little town...

It has come to my little town. And it has hit hard.

The flu. The swine flu. Strep Throat. All of it.

It is scary. It is too early in the year for all this mess.

Our hospitals are full. One school (not where my kids are at) had 17% of their students out Monday with the flu. The lady I work closely with, spent the night at the hospital last night with her two year old. It is close. It is no longer just a news headline for our town.

Please pray for us...

It is hard not to worry. It is hard to continue going about our day to day tasks and not keep our children at home. It is hard not to be worried for friends who are already dealing with it. Times like this I envy the bubble boy and his bubble.

I'm just thankful for a God who can bring peace during turmoil and strength during our weaknesses and great healing that gives hope.



Pilar said...

It is scary because we want to protect our children from sickness, but all we can do is pray and trust in God for what it is to come.
My girls start school next week and I wonder what is going to happen. We had a lady in our church with the swine flu and she has been out for 5 weeks. Praise God none of us got it.
Like you said, you want to stay in a bubble :)

Kristin said...

I prayed for your town. I hope that all that yucky stuff will go away! My kids have had the sniffles since going back too and we just got a letter yesterday saying how they are being extra diligent in cleaning to try and avoid it all.

Me said...

I'm so sorry to hear it's arrived where you are. You'll have to keep us updated. I'm dreading it arriving in our area as well. I know it will, I just hope all goes well.

David C Brown said...

It's all in His hands!

Amber said...


Stay healthy and safe.

Love you guys.

Heart2Heart said...


You know it is so easy to worry about the stuff we simply can't control and want to in some ways, but God has the power to relieve us from these worries and do the impossible in our lives.

Praying that your town heals soon from this nasty flu virus and that all life will be spared and healing will take place.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Joyeful said...

It's here too and it is definitely scary. I'm praying it passes over our household and spares the children in our community as well. My kids were running a low fever yesterday and I was worried, but today the fever didn't return and I'm hoping it wasn't anything of that nature.

christy rose said...

Praying for you and your family in the midst of this flu epidemic. Let God's Word be your bubble.