Monday, January 31, 2011

A Day of Inconvenience...

it started at 3:30 A.M.!!!

Kayla came and woke me up, complaining of chills. She was shaking. FEVER.

We went to the kitchen to find some meds, only for her to literally DROP to the floor TWICE on me from dizziness. Scared this mom to death. Ask me if I went back to sleep. NO!


Calls to work and school were made. I took Jordan to school, made a mad dash to Wally World for Lysol and chicken soup makin's and then back home to nurse my baby girl back to health. My child who hardly ever goes to the doctor.

My child who went today and because she NEVER goes to the doctor, I had to fill out GOBS of paperwork. UGH!


sitting in a waiting room CRAMMED FULL of SICK PEOPLE, it is a wonder any of us survived. An hour later, Kayla's vitals are checked. An hour after that, we see a doctor. Yep! We left the office after two and a half hours of WAITING.

NO WAY GOING TO THE DOCTOR IS CONVENIENT! (I asked him if he even had time for lunch...)

Dropped off baby girl at home and went to pick up her prescription. Oh, by the way, doctor thinks she is in the beginning stages of the FLU.


At the pharmacy, after thirty minutes, I go and stand in line, only to be told it is not ready YET, but will be in just a few minutes. Do I need to go home and come back? The lady says "NO." After another THIRTY minutes, it is still not ready. But I am told "almost." I am beginning to think I need to buy the pharmacy lady a watch.

They finally call me up, I am excited. Only when I get there I am told that Kayla's information HAS NOT BEEN UPDATED! I had waited an hour before anyone even asked me about my drug card?!!!


I calmly give information and after one and a half hours at the pharmacy, I make it home.

If you remember in my last post, I told how my phone is DEAD. That sure is making my life


All in all it was a DAY OF INCONVENIENCE.


There was time to have my quiet time early this morning.

There was "movie time" with my favorite gal, while we played hooky from school and work.

There was the lonely "89" year old man at the pharmacy who just wanted to "chat."

There was homemade soup in the crock pot for dinner. (Thank goodness for thinking ahead.)

There is my hubby who is trying to fix my phone as we speak...

There is the priceless hugs from my son.

There is the phone call from my mom.

There were blessings overflowing...


Thank you, Lord!

*** Kayla is doing alright. She has waves of feeling better and then her headache or fever will come back and she will lay down. Thanks for the prayers!***


Angie said...

You are such a ray of sunshine - always a bright side!
Praying for Kayla to get well, and the rest of you to stay that way!!

(((Love you)))

Terri said...

UGGGG...I hope she feels better soon! So glad you were able to find some blessings in the middle of the incoveniences! Use that Lysol :)

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the pharmacy know sick people are coming in who need their prescriptions ASAP? Our dr used to call the prescriptions in so I'd just have to drive through, but we don't have that where we moved.

I remember all mine getting the flu last year - and having to drive EVERYWHERE to find a pharmacy with the childrens flu med.

However inconvenient anything is, there is always something to counter that, a good side to see, a silver lining. It looks like you had that. So wonderful to stop by and visit with someone who sees life with the glass half full!

Praying for wellness for your daughter - and for you, too! BTW - I so enjoyed your post:)

Jim said...

You are the one who needs to be locked up in a BIGGY ICE AND SNOW STORM, with no power loss, of course, to get some really good down time. Right?

We're fine, praying Kayla will be soon.


Bridget said...

I hope Kayla feels better soon!! I love how you still found the bright spots in your day!

Christi said...

Wow, that really WAS a rough day! Hope she's up and running, and back to normal by now. At least you had the best attitude possible! That's half the battle right there! :)