Monday, January 3, 2011

Finding my own pebbles...

The last night of 2010, was spent with hundreds of excited teenagers. We had taken our youth group, to an event called "Joy Explo," held in Little Rock. The new year was seen in with plenty of excitement, lots of laughter and a little more heartfelt wisdom.

Here is the thing, it was a fun event, but things got serious for me during the concert. "Pocket Full of Rocks" were in charge of the praise and worship for the night. I had heard the band on the radio. Some songs I knew, some I didn't, but the words of one of their hits, grabbed my heart. All I had been thinking about, journaling about, praying about, preparing myself for the new year...well the song spoke VOLUMES.

"He is not mad at you

and He's not disappointed

His grace is greater still

than all your wrong choices

He is full of mercy

and he is ever kind

hear His invitation

His arms are open wide

You can come as you are

with all your broken pieces

and all your shameful scars

the pain you hold in your heart

bring it all to Jesus

you can come as you are

Louder than the voice

that whispers you're unworthy

hear the sound of love

that tells a different story

You can come as you are..."

-Pocket Full of Rocks

It was awesome to hear a room full of teenagers singing that song with the band. WOW!

I'm sitting there thinking of the name of their band and what the meaning is behind it. Suddenly the song held even more meaning for me. A young man, David, with nothing but a pocket full of pebbles, ready to do what God asked of Him. Do you think he knew then, how close to God he would become? Do you think he knew then how hard he would fall and how great God's grace is? Do you think he had any idea how God would use him and his pebbles for years to come to declare the power of the Lord? Do you think he knew...?

I think he was a shepherd boy and treated so. In fact his father and brothers didn't even see him as king material. He made mistakes like children, teenagers and adults do. Yet, when God called, he came, just like he was and God turned his pocket full of stones into a legacy of faith.

I'm looking at the rocks that represent my heart, my gifts, my talents, my faith in my own pocket. Wondering how each one could be used by God or if I will even surrender when the time comes and use one for His glory. Sometimes I feel so useless, so broken, so scarred up. Surely God would choose someone else to kill today's giant, and probably tomorrow"s too. Right?

"Come as you are, with all your broken pieces and all your shameful scars..."


Kristin said...

Love that, Mich!

Jim said...

WOW! Would you come and preach that for me next Sunday? Preach it to me, as well! All I can think to say is that my girl can communicate! And I am so proud of your place in His work, I could literally bust! I did bust out in tears.

Love you, my girl.


christy rose said...

Oh wow!! Awesome post Mich! What a way to start a new year! Thanks for stopping by and noticing I was back. I hope to be back for awhile. :)

Andrea said...

Blessing and prayers,

Amber said...

Good stuff, Mich.

Love you.

Jules said...

Come as you are....I love that HE loves me ......just as I am.

Kellie said...

I. LOVED. THAT. Beautiful song and beautiful words. Thanks for sharing that.

Anonymous said...

I so love this post. It hits a place in my life right now. Thanks for blessing me today.

BTW, my ONLY niece has moved to little rock. Any recommendations I can pass on would be great (church, too).

Be blessed!