Friday, January 21, 2011

Waiting for the BREAD diet...

If you know me and know me well, then you know that one of my favorite things to eat in this world is BREAD. I am not picky either, friends. I like most every kind; plain, baked or toasted. I can put a loaf of bread away faster than you can say "pass the butter." As someone allergic to chocolate, my mom will tell you, when the monthly hormones went crazy, I went straight for the bread, even at a young age. If it was a REALLY, REALLY BAD day, well I would grab a knife and butter too.

I think it started when I was about five and decided I wanted to make my own snacks, preferably when mom was NOT around. All I could reach was the bread on the kitchen counter and mayo on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, so a mayo sandwich it would be. That is where the healthy snacking began.

That is the problem with this whole wanting to diet thing. My gene pool doesn't allow me the luxury of being able to eat anything I want and still stay a size 8 or under. So I usually have to cut back to lose a few pounds. Cutting back usually means depriving myself of my favorite treat...BREAD. So, needless to say, I have a hard time sticking to anything. I couldn't begin to tell you the last time I was a size 8!!! But the last time I had a good 'ol slice of bread with honey butter? Well, that was tonight.


There are carrot diets. Cabbage diets. Meat and protein diets. Low fat diets.
HELLO?!!! This world would be a lot skinnier if someone would invent a GREAT tasting bread with NO CALORIES, LOW CARBS and NO FAT.
Anyone with me on this?

I guess you are wondering why I am rambling on and on about BREAD? We went to the local steakhouse with my in-laws, for my mother-in-law's birthday, tonight. I ordered a salad, a baked potato, and Filet Mignon. There was an onion blossom ordered as an appetizer and bread with honey butter was on the table.

I brought my camera, to not only take a few birthday shots of the family, but to take a picture of my yummy dinner. It was ALL wonderful and I ate EVERY bite on my plate. Now, ask me what I took a picture of...

Is there a counselor out there that specializes in BREAD therapy?

Have a GREAT weekend!


Kristin said...

I am so with you on this one! I could definitely eat only bread and be so happy :) Oh size 8......such a faint memory of long ago. Haha!

Jim said...

I can think of one scripture that immediately comes to mind. "Thou shalt not live by bread alone." And I'm sure it didn't exactly mean bread plus something is best, in the context. Context, of course, was physical food vs spiritual food. Nevertheless, we could say a healthy balance of bread and other food groups is all important. I haven't helped you in your delimma - just to say you get it naturally. I well remember my mother's fresh baked bread aroma wafting through the house. Oops, now I'm hungry for it! Sorry.


Angie said...

It must run in the family!
Nothing better than fresh baked bread!

If you find the solution, let me know. My rice cakes just aren't cuttin' it!

Kellie said...

LOL! I am not a huge bread eater, but I can understand on the flip side as I am a huge chocolate lover and when I have to cut back chocolate is where I have to be oh, so careful. I think I could eat my weight in it. lol

Anonymous said...

Look what I found!


Anonymous said...

Look what I found!


christy rose said...

I love bread too!! Good luck on finding that bread diet though!! LOL:)

Bridget said...

Oh that looks so good! Let me know if someone comes up with the bread diet...I'll be all over that one!!