Thursday, September 18, 2008


OK. It is that time again. That wonderful time of the year when the weather starts changing, leaves start turning colors and people have decided that it is safe to "burn" things in their backyards. I don't like it...

Don't get me wrong, I think the fall colors are beautiful, (My family is from the Ozark Mountains... I know what beauty in the Fall is!) and I love the cooling down of the weather, when you can choose to wear long sleeves or short sleeves. My kids and I even have birthdays in the fall. Trouble is, Fall doesn't like me!!!

It starts with headaches, progresses to a cough and red eyes and eventually becomes a full blown infection... It is called Allergy Season! I am one of those people who can go for a long time without any trouble and then "BOOM!" something shows up in the air and I'm a goner...

A month ago we had a pretty big storm, which left it's damage with me. The next day I had a severe cough. I finally went to the clinic (you know I felt bad if I went to the doctor!) and came out be told what I already knew... I have allergies! So now I'm a "sniffling, sneezing, can't rest, have a cough, itching all over" individual on drugs! That means I'm living in a "fog" of medication. Great fun!

It is moments like this that I have to ask; "Eve, why did you have to eat the stinkin' APPLE???" God's beauty is made to be enjoyed, not resented! Red is suppose to be a pretty color of leaves in the fall, not blotchy hives on my skin! Running is suppose to be a sport of exercise, not something my nose likes to do while trying to breath!

I will survive. This is not my first rodeo with allergies. I've swelled up, hived up, runned out, coughed out and sneezed through this season before. It is just that every year I have a dream... a dream of being able to sit in the grass, hay, etc... without itching. A dream to be able to enjoy the woods or a good campfire without my eyes burning and my nose running. A dream to enjoy God's creation during the beautiful fall season...

Oh well, there is one silver lining to having allergies... I get out of the yard work! :)


Jo said...

Whoever else you inherited those allergies from, I know you got some of that affliction from your Nanny. And so did your cuzzin' Rich! Hope you feel better soon.
Aunt Jo

Amber said...

Ahchoo. Hack Hack. Ahchoo.

Sorry...just trying to catch the Mich vibe. Love ya. Hope you feel better soon. Get some rest.

Oh, and just read the post about Kev. sweet.

Jim said...

Sorry you're suffering! I hope it wasn't something you got from our genes. I do get a touch of stuff in spring and fall, but I know not like your response to the changing patterns. Like I blogged your sis, take it easy or you'll get old quick!
We love you.