Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Week...

This week has been very low key compared to last week. Yet I found myself still dragging along. In between exhaustion, a migraine and just plain weariness, I trudged through. I could have considered the week as insignificant, useless or a waste, by my own "high standards" at times, however as I reflect, I realize that the Lord provided me with little "tidbits" of joy, to keep me going...

1. There was my daughter, who is almost 12, who decided for the first time in her life that she would just do the laundry for her tired mom. I didn't even have to ask her!!! I just came home one day and found her washing... I couldn't resist asking her who she was and what she did with my little girl!!!

2. The joy on my son's face, while he explained to me how he had received a "character coupon" at school. These are little rewards they give out, when kids are doing well. I feel the need to explain this one just a little... You see, he had a rough school year last year and had a defeated attitude everyday. It was drastic because in the grades before, he was always a favorite in class and did exceptionally well. My little guy responds well to kind words, encouragement and lots of praise. I don't believe he received much of that last year. His attitude towards school has gone back to what it was before. I'm so elated!!!

3. The "thank you" I received from one mom, whose baby I watch at the daycare. She was so kind and encouraging. It is moments like those that change my perspective of my job from one of "bringing home money" to one of ministry. It makes the hard work worth it at the end of the day!

4. This one may seem silly, but it meant so much. I love for someone to play with my hair or rub my head. My dear, sweet, patient husband rubbed my head the other night, when I had a horrible headache. I still smile thinking about it.

5. The three 100%s that my daughter got on her math, English and social studies quizzes. And the 88% she received on the "VERY HARD, THOUGHT I FAILED IT" science test. I am so thankful she is enjoying her first year of middle school!

6. The hugs I received from my "other kids" in youth group, Wednesday night! They make me smile! It is moments like those that make me realize that I love what my husband does for a living. His work produces so much more than a paycheck!

7. My dad's blog. Keep the encouraging words coming, Pooh pa! Even when I don't respond, I'm listening! Aren't you glad that it is "cool" again for me to take my father's advice!

8. My son's energy as he follows his dad around. I pray everyday that the "hero" worship will not end! He is so cute as he longs for his daddy's approval in all that he does. I'm thankful for a husband that sees that, enjoys it and encourages it with his own time and energy! ( they are squirrel hunting right now!)

9. This is going to sound weird on paper... my next little tidbit is that my brother in law lives in the Galveston/ Houston area. I will explain... I am not happy that they had to evacuate and that their house may be destroyed as well as their places of employment!!! (Please keep them in your prayers!) However, when you hear of horrible events, like the hurricane and all it's damage, and you see and hear what struggles others are going through, well you have to be thankful! So, no I'm not thankful, for the hurricane and the problems it is causing my family, but I am thankful for the perspective an event like this gives me.

10. Rest. Need I say more? The Lord has allowed my family to be very patient with me this week as I gain the rest I needed. I can say I feel a whole lot better today! Of course they allowed me to lay around in the bed until 11:00a.m.! (very unusual for me!) Got to love Saturday
mornings like this one! :)

This list is just a small example of little moments that made me happy this week! I know to others they may seem insignificant or even rather silly. But isn't that why our Lord is so amazing?! He meets all of us, individually, knowing what we need to make our heart thankful.

There were days that I felt tired and blah. There were days like 9/11 when I felt frustrated and even a little angry. There were moments when I thought "life is not fair." And when I thought of my brother in law and his family and the destruction of natural disasters, well I felt scared at times too! And then there were God given moments when I felt great peace.

My daily prayer was for the strength of the Lord. He never promised life would be "easy." He never promised that we would be on "cloud nine" and full of energy everyday! He just promised that He would always be there to inspire us, encourage us, to strengthen us and even carry us when we needed it.

As a teenager I was given a bookmark with the "Footprints" poem on it. I still see the words "When there was only one set of footprints in the sand is when 'I CARRIED YOU!'" When I have one of those "blah" weeks when the world around me looks bleak and when my soul is weary, I find comfort in that promise.

I pray that the Lord will fill your week with you own little "tidbits" of joy to remind you during those "blah" moments, that He is still in control!


Amber said...

Ahhh...good words.

Glad that things are better for Jordan at school!

Jim said...

You got me "puddling" again! Thanks for the encouragement to "blog" for its helping me keep up with what's "ringing your bells" and bringing you joy! And, it's becoming an outlet I needed to spend some time in necessary meditating and musing and ministering some words from The Word!

Glad you got some needed rest. Give the kids my congrats and a hug apiece, maybe a group "hug" from me, and Hubby a "ya-ha" hit on the arm for me.

Love Ya,