Monday, September 8, 2008

An Exhausted, yet thankful heart!

Let me start by saying I am totally exhausted! Yet let me follow that statement with this little tidbit... I'm totally thankful! In an earlier blog I listed all the time consuming "events" I had to help with this past weekend. Well, even though there are still many things left on the calendar for me to do, I can officially say that I survived the big weekend!

Last week started with me having a new job. Around the middle of the week we had some major wind damage around our town that added a little craziness to our world. Friday night I had a "Royal" invitation to attend a princess themed slumber party for the girls of our youth group. ( I stayed the whole night with 40 teenage girls!) Saturday I helped my husband get ready for "Open House" for our brand new youth area and then went to my new Sunday School room to do a little organizing and cleaning. (I got home late!) Sunday morning I taught Sunday School. went to church and then out to eat with the in laws. Sunday afternoon I went to the Open House, then church and then finished the evening with the anniversary celebration for our pastor. I did not get to bed until LATE! I had to clean a space for the guys to have bible study at my house Monday night. After only having four hours of sleep, I went to work at seven, got home at four, finished cleaning, then headed to the girl's bible study at church. I am now home... and very tired!

Now that it is over, I have to say "It was great!" God really blessed us this past week and weekend. I'm thankful for the new job. I'm thankful that the tree that fell went the other direction and didn't land on my roof! I have electricity!!! I'm thankful for all the fun and bonding moments I had during the big slumber party with our youth girls. I appreciate our church and their support in remodeling part of the church for our youth group to have their own space. (It is beautiful too!) I'm thankful for the fun little boys with "ants in their pants" that are in my new little Sunday School class. I appreciate my pastor and his hard work as well as his support for my husband with his job. He has a great family too! And finally I am thankful for the guys and girls Bible studies that took place tonight... I think God has great moments planned for these times.

What bothers me is that sometimes we have to wait till something is over to realize the blessings! I've had many, many things in my life that didn't make life easy. While going through those little fires, I wasn't always a very happy or thankful individual. However, I can honestly look back now at some situations and realize God's plan...

So moral of the story; when you are walking through a little fire, or your worn out searching for rest, remember God wants us to rely on him. You never know what He has planned! the rainbow comes after the rain...

Have a great week! Keep the faith! If I know my God, there is a rainbow of blessings awaiting you around the corner!

My weekend was rough. It plum wore me out! Yet it was all so good! Why all those things had to happen at the same time, well I may never know the answer to that. What I do know is this; I had to rely totally on my Heavenly Father's strength. Oh! I think I may have just answered my own "why?" question.


Poohpa said...

Good words to live by! Oh, you did! You know of course that the exercise you obviously had, and which resulted in your exhaustion, is the key to strengthening you for the next round of experience which will inevitably come in the work in which you find yourself! This, too, can and will be "fodder" for the "thankful heart" you have demonstrated. I am proud of you! I love you!

Amber said...

Glad everything went so well. Hopefully now you will be able to breathe and relax and just enjoy all of these blessings!