Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Shopping List...

OK, I know I've already blogged once today, but since I get so busy during the week, I thought I would share a little more with you. I went shopping today with my daughter. That use to be a chore. (just ask my mom and sister!) Getting my baby to try anything on was like pulling teeth! However, now that she is a little older, with a little money to burn, she enjoys the idea of new clothes, shoes and of course, jewelry to match. Oh, my baby girl is growing up... :(

Anyway, I love to shop! I always have. I probably have my mom and my Nanny to thank for that. We are all about finding a good sale! So today, with my daughter in tow, we shopped. And we shopped well! If you subtract the money I spent on groceries and dinner, I spent a little over a hundred dollars. Now before you moan and groan for my husband, here is a list of what I got:
1) 3 pairs of jeans for my son (poor thing is outgrowing his clothes!)
2) 3 shirts for my son (SALE!)
3) 1 shirt for my daughter (I had to buy her something since I bought her brother something!)
4) 3 pair of shoes (2 for my daughter and I to share, since she now wears the same size and one for my husband; rule of thumb when you shop, buy the husband something, less complaining that way!:) )
5)1 belt for my daughter

Pretty good, huh? Make sure you tell my husband that...

OK, back to shopping. I have to be careful. In the past I have used it as my "feel better" activity when I'm down in the dumps. Which I guess there is nothing wrong with that, unless of course you get further in the dumps because you spent money you didn't have to spend! I also have to be careful not to let material possessions become a priority in my life. I've found that sometimes "window shopping" can make me happy too!

That being said, today I was on a mission. Kayla had birthday and allowance money to spend and I had to get her brother some clothes that actually fit. So it was definitely a "no guilt" shopping day! Fun! Since it was a fun day, I thought I would share my list of why it made me happy... (OK, I know that after this blog I'm going to sound very frivolous, materialistic and worldly, but didn't the "excellent wife in Proverbs" clothe her family? I know she did everything by hand, but since I don't live in Bible times and I can't sew, well then I'm called to provide for them the best I can, right? :) )

1) I love a sale! Get this, there were racks of clothing that were marked down 70%. Gotta love that!
2) I love it when they have the sizes I need! It can be so frustrating to find the perfect outfit, only for it not to fit.
3) I love that my daughter wears the same shoe size. No guilt shoe shopping? After all if a shoe costs a little more than normal, I can consider it a bargain if it costs less than two pairs of shoes if both of us will wear them, right? Don't bother arguing with me on this one, my family loves shoes!
4) The Dollar Tree. Need I say more? I love how I can spend 10.00 on nothing and feel good about it, because I have 10 things in my bag!
5) 3.00 shoes. Had to have them! They were cute. My daughter and I like the brand! Can't go wrong with 3.00 shoes! I think my sister would agree with this one!
6) The perfect green shirt! My son had gotten some green and black nylon gym shorts, only we couldn't find a shirt to match. I loved that I found a green and white Nike shirt on sale today that matched. The smile on my son's face, made the 10.00 purchase worth it!
7) Watching my child say "that costs too much" because she is spending her own money. She made wise choices and I was proud! A skirt, 2 shirts, earrings... oh, she did buy a movie, but she had money left too.
8)Walmart. Yes, there are times that the superstore frustrates me, like when they rearrange things every time I leave, so I can't find something the next time... But today, I was happy, because they had shirts that my son would like for five dollars. Can't beat that! They also had the new Chris Tomlin CD - AWESOME!
9) Subway inside of Walmart... my baby girl and I got a little food, she a 6 inch, me a pretzel and we sat and talked. Quality time! It made my whole day!
10) My husband liked my purchases... enough said.

After a long week, I had a little fun with my daughter, while providing for my family (we went grocery shopping too!). I'm thankful!

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