Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Forgetting the obvious...

Last week my daughter took her first big test in the 6th grade. She had some quizzes, but this was a TEST and she was just a little bit nervous. When she got home that day I had asked her how she had done. In normal Kayla fashion, her answer was sort of on the dramatic side; "I failed the test! I will never pass the 6th grade! How will I ever become a veterinarian now?!!!"

Well she came home with her graded test today... Needless to say, she did not fail. She made an 89%. I was happy with that... well that is until I looked at the graded test. One question she missed was an essay question. OK, fine, I can handle that. However, the other two questions missed were the obvious. She is studying Arkansas history. We live in Arkansas. Yet on her map, what is the one state she forgets to label? ARKANSAS! Then the second question she missed was what direction is Arkansas from Missouri? OK, I know you might think I'm being a little hard here, but her grandparents use to live in Missouri and we had to travel from ARKANSAS to MISSOURI every holiday!!!

Truthfully, I'm not upset. I just had a really good laugh at her expense! Even she had to laugh at the obvious. After the laughter, though, I started thinking just a little (not always a good thing). I sometimes wonder if God has a sense of humor. I know if He does, I keep him rolling... I guess what I mean is that sometimes I make things "hard," missing the obvious. I have to wonder how many times He says in a single day "This way, my child!" only for me to take a more difficult turn?

My child forgot the obvious on her test and missed two questions because of it. What did I overlook today? What did I miss because of it?

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Amber said...

Glad she passed her test...even if she did forget the 2 of the 3 states she's most familiar with! Silly girl!