Friday, October 24, 2008

My office...

OK. So, when we moved last October, I was rather excited that I had a room for my office, library and scrapbook stuff. I had "sort of" a room at the last house I lived in, but I had to share it with the laundry area, the dog and storage. All of that stuff didn't leave much room for my "organized" office. I can hear my family laughing at the words "organized" and "Mich's office" being in the same sentence!!! I admit, I may be the most organized person when it comes to planning events and church activities, but usually my space at home stays a total mess!

I promised myself when we moved, that I would change all that. However, the plan hasn't been totally carried out. I may not share my space with the ironing board or dog crate anymore, but millions of boxes fill my area. It started with us putting all the unpacked boxes in my room and then soon became the "if you don't know where something goes or you are too lazy to put something up, let's just throw it all in Mom's room!" I will admit that I tend to be just as bad as my family. When company is coming over, it is so easy to throw everything in the extra room and shut the doors. And it has worked for us for a year now...

But let me tell you, this Mama is tired of the mess!!! I've been thinking about it all day. I'm going in tonight and if I don't come out, it means I was buried alive among the junk. It may not all get done tonight, but I am determined to at least create a path. So wish me luck! If you are a family member or friend who has seen my room, well you might want to say a little prayer for me too!

Oh, by the way, I am a little mortified by the picture I posted, but hopefully I will have an "after" picture real soon. It is a must, for my sanity depends on it!!!


Amber said...

HA! Now I don't feel so bad about the picture I posted this summer of my closet....

Now that you've put this out there, you are SO going to have to clean that up!! My closet is still clean...if that is any inspiration at all!!

Oh...and you mentioned Christmas shopping at Thanksgiving...where we gonna go? WalMart? I guess we could leave the kids with the guys and you, me, and Mom take off for Little Rock...that would be fun!!
For us...not the guys! :)

Jim said...

I'll put a picture on of mine when you put your new one on. Ok? I might even put one of the garage on. Now that would be a sight.

And Amb, think about the word "thanks - giving" then "leaving the kids" and "shopping"?

How do those fit again? And oh, I beg to differ - the "guys" would have fun!

We do look forward to being there, hopefully, with some good news about our move.

Love you, Sis. And Sis.