Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Pumpkin day short of a Jack o' Lantern

Yes! We have another birthday in our little family. October is a busy month for us! Of course it makes it easy on my dear husband, since he only has to remember one month, October, as being a very special month for us. It doesn't hurt that "hunting season" starts in this month too!

Today is my baby boy's birthday! He would cringe right now and turn red if he saw the word "baby," but I don't care. He is my precious little one, a true gift from God. I still remember when I found out I was pregnant... shock! I already had a one year old, had miscarried another and now I thought God was playing a cruel joke on me. I was scared to even tell anyone for a while. I had my feelings unintentionally hurt during my last, very short, too short pregnancy, that I was afraid to even rejoice over this new little one. Then when I realized it was going to be alright, that God had blessed me with a new little one to love, I started to pray for strength. I knew I would need it, because I already had a spirited, adventurous, stubborn little girl, who I was totally in love with...but it almost scared me some nights thinking of two strong little personalities, so close in age.

Then he was born. Apart from nursing issues and definitely some potty training issues later, my son was precious! He was this smiling, friendly, even tempered little man. And I adored him! He loved people and people loved him. He was tenderhearted, sensitive and very loving.

It still makes me smile to remember how he would follow his sister around, learning and copying everything she did, even taking the "blame" for so much, because he didn't want her to cry...

Oh, how times have changed. They do grow up, don't they? Yet, even though we have had to work through some "frustration" issues and he now fights with his sister on a daily basis, I still think God has great plans for this little man of mine.

Today is Jordan's 10Th birthday. He had a very good day too. His dad was a "Watch Dog Dad" all day; that is where a dad volunteers and helps and hangs out at school. Jordan told me later that everyone thought his dad was "cool." He was so proud. It was also the honor's assembly and Jordan finally got a ribbon for having straight "A's." And then there was extreme elation on his face when he opened his gift; new hunting bibs, the PlayStation 2 game (hunting) he wanted and a shirt with a deer on it. If you can't tell, my little boy has hunting on the brain. He is all geared up to go hunting this weekend on the junior hunt with his dad. Is it alright to actually pray that he kills a deer?

Anyway, today, I am a very proud mother. Is my son perfect? No. But, underneath all the childish things and stages he goes through, I see great potential. I am in awe at the thought of what he might grow up to be. Thank you, Lord for Jordan.

In case you are wondering about my title...he was actually born two days late. I was hoping for a birthday gift, yet afraid he would be born on Halloween. Instead he came on the 30Th. I always said he was my "pumpkin boy, one day short of a Jack O' Lantern." And there you have it!

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Amber said...

Happy Birthday, Jor!

He is a great kid. We Bryant girls make some good lookin' boys, don't we!!?? Can't really believe that he is 10 though. Seems impossible.

I'm praying that mine get a deer, too. Not a thing wrong with that!