Saturday, October 4, 2008

Work day...

As I sit here I'm trying to find the strength to get out of my chair and do what I need to do today! Since going back to work, I've been having to shuffling the chores and responsibilities that I use to be able to do when I wanted. This past week was so busy, that I have a list of "ten" things I have to get done today or I will end up insane, without electricity or naked if I don't! Pretty sad, huh?

My list goes something like this...

1. Clean my bathroom. Mr. Mold and his friend Mr. Mildew have taken up residence.

2. Pay my bills. I'm a little behind this month, I pray I still have water and electricity at the end of the week!

3. Wash clothes... a never ending task, but at this point we are on the verge of desperation. I don't think our family would be very good prospects for a nudist colony either!!! :)

4. Kayla's birthday party invitations... the party is next Saturday!

5. Sorting through the summer and winter clothes... I hate doing this every year!

6. Dusting... I've forgotten what color the furniture actually is in my living room!

7. Sunday School lesson for tomorrow.

8. The kitchen. There are dirty dishes in the sink, a dishwasher to unload and I can't tell you the last time the floor was mopped! (Good thing my kitchen floor is brown! At least I hope that is what color it is suppose to be!!!:) )

9. Party favors for Monday night Bible Study. This is a fun project I do every week!

10. My office. If you have ever been to my house, I don't need to explain. However, I will say this... it could get me a spot on one of those shows on HGTV where they help you clean up and get organized. Yes, it is that bad!

Of course the list could go on, but I won't bore you with the details. Just say a little prayer for me as I "muddle" through. Chris Tomlin and I will be good buddies today! (I listen to music when I clean, to keep me upbeat!) Hopefully, I can light a fire under my daughter and get her to help some too!

My husband and son are at the "deer" camp having their own "clean up" day. Funny, huh? I still think this hunting thing is such a phenomenon when it comes to the male species. It turns them into different creatures... they get up early, they clean, they work, they "skin" and "gut" things when they cringe at a dirty diaper and they go a whole day without sitting in front of the TV or PlayStation!

So as you can see, no lazy weekend for this family! I think I need a weekend to recover from my weekend!

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

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