Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pondering 38 years...of LB's!!!

The birthday "girl"...
with Kayla

with Jordan.

It is my birthday today. I'm 38. Wow! Time really does fly by, doesn't it? My son asked me if I was excited that it was my birthday, I just smiled. Truth is the older I get, the less I really want to celebrate. Oh, don't worry, I'm not one of those people who gets depressed with each birthday, I have way too many other things going on to worry about that. And I do love a good birthday hug, card or gift. :) But somehow, once you pass a certain year, it's not that big a deal. That is until you reach your 90's like my Aunt Fay, then everyone is just praying you'll make 100!

Why is it that we only really celebrate birthdays when we are kids or when loved ones are old and we are afraid it will be their last. The truth is that none of us know how long we have in this world. In fact I come from a family where both the very young and the very old have passed away, before we were ready for them to go. So it seems that each day should be a celebration. Each breathe should be a praise.

I'm so guilty of zooming through life, forgetting to stop and "smell the roses," waiting until "tomorrow" to get things done, when TODAY should be where my focus is... I shouldn't wait until my birthday comes around to ponder where my 38 years have gone and what I have accomplished during that time. I should be excited about today and find the joy (no matter how small it seems sometimes) in just living.

Being the sentimental fool that I am, I found a box of old letters, while cleaning my office. (Don't worry, Sis, I'm still working on it!!!) In the box was an old note from my best friend at college. in the note she was encouraging me, talking about "LB's." You see, that was our code for "little blessings." We use to pump each other up, encouraging one another to look for the "little blessings" in each day. How could I have forgotten?

Well, the day is only half over, and it has already been full of "LB's." It makes me actually look forward to what is to come.

I pray that you have a good day too! Take a moment and add up your own little blessings. You don't have to wait for your birthday, to ponder how blessed you are, no matter your circumstances!


Jo said...

Happy Birthday, YOUNG lady! It's so hard to believe that you're 38! I remember the first time I ever saw you. I know you don't remember, because you were only about a year old, but I'm sure that your dad and mom and probably nanny, told you about our meeting. You were, without a doubt, the most beautiful baby girl I had ever seen! I love you!
Aunt Jo

Jim said...

Happy 38! And all of your LB's!
Hey, the pictures are great. You are growing up, girl! I recall that when you were born, I was 100% older than you. Now, you're
0.5757575% of my age. I'm trying to slow down but it seems the time is getting faster the older I get. Anyway, enough of that. I hear Mom on the phone talking to Kayla, so she'll be a talking to you before you get this.

Happy birthday, Sis.
I love You.

Amber said...

Happy Birthday...again! is really great at his math skills....much better than me! Still feeling bad about making you 39.