Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ten painted pumpkins, 7 silly hats, a bomb and a cookie cake!

Our ten little painted pumpkins...
Ten silly girls and Kevin, who is the "BOMB!"

The cake that didn't crumble...

OK. So you are probably asking yourself... "What in the world is she talking about?" Well tonight we finally got around to having Kayla's birthday party. After a little drama this morning (Kayla was afraid nobody would come!) and a little drama in the kitchen (my first cookie cake decided to crumble!) we had us a little party. And boy did we party!!! My husband deserves the dad of the year award for this one. He was the man among ten preteen girls. (Jordan was spending the night at a friend's house.) And of course they loved him!!! I keep telling Kayla that the kids think her dad is "cool," but to her, he is still just dad.
Our big activity of the night was painting pumpkins. I found these cute ceramic banks and they loved being creative. Then "Bro. Kev" was the judge. It was cute, for one of the girls wrote; "Bro. Kevin is the bomb!" on her pumpkin, hoping to "bribe" the judge. He asked her later if he could keep it to put in his office and I gave her the sample pumpkin I had painted to take home.

We also had a silly hat contest. I wasn't sure when we planned this that the girls would get into it... but let me tell you something... they loved it! There were some pretty crazy hats too! Again, Kevin was the judge.

We also had a Guitar Hero competition. Kayla smoked everyone, but of course we wouldn't let her take home any prizes, since she had plenty of gifts to open. I think the best mistake I ever made was during my Christmas shopping last year, when I ended up with two Guitar hero guitars. Kids love to compete against each other and we definitely use both guitars!

As for the food... well they may have been girls, but they can certainly eat! And my cookie cake turned out the second time around. Baking is not my specialty!!! But in the end, I did alright!

Kayla ended up having a great time! Only five friends couldn't come and one of them brought her gifts this morning. I have to say, juggling a job and trying to do for my kids, like I use to has been hard, but the smile on Kayla's face tonight made it all worth the effort. The party was a success and I even had one girl ask me when the next one would be... Christmas? We shall see...


Amber said...

FUN! Where was Auntie Amb's invitation? I can also be "the bomb" and I know I could've painted a mean punkin! I wouldn't have been able to smoke Kay in GH, but I would've tried!

Sounds like a great party! I'm so happy that she had a great time! Can't believe that she is growing up so fast...unbelievable!!

P.S. I want to come to the Christmas party!! :)

Jim said...

Sounds and looks like something I'd enjoy, too! Party Harty is Smartie! Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday, Dear Kayla, Happeeeeee Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyy 2 yew! And meneeeeeeeeee mooooooore, but not toooooooo sooooooooone!