Friday, March 12, 2010

Doing a "Happy Dance" and our week in pictures...

If you have read my blog for long or received a comment from me, then you know I love to "happy dance." My expression for Woo! Hoo! "Praise the Lord, People!!!" I am certainly doing a happy dance today!!! Miracles, big and small, DO HAPPEN!!!

As you know my sweet, redheaded nephew has been suffering from a lot of pain due to an accident last weekend. He has been on a lot of medication and they have been trying to patiently wait for an appointment to see the neurologist. It was going to be THREE weeks, so we prayed. It was then moved to TWO weeks, so we did a lot more praying. His appointment time has now been moved up to the 18Th!!! I'm still praying for an earlier time, so they can get back to life as they once knew it, sooner, but every little step is a blessing and answered prayer from the Lord.

But wait...that is not all I'm dancing about. Sawyer has been feeling good, able to move around and be a little kid and rest at night, without the heavy pain meds. When my mom asked him today if he hurt, his reply was "just a little, but I'm OK." A BIG leap from the nights of screaming pain... OH friends, GOD IS GOOD!!!

Thanks so much for the prayers. I will continue to keep you posted on his recovery and prayerfully the good news they do receive when his visit to the doctor arrives. Please continue to keep him on you prayer list, for he is by no means out of the woods yet. We are just thankful that he is having moments of rest and feeling good. I think he even had enough energy to fight with his brothers when they came back home today... yep, feeling like himself again. :)

Since I have been posting a lot about Sawyer this week, I guess you have been wondering what my hubby and the kids have been up too (well, at least just pretend you want to know.) I took pictures, just for you...

Yesterday, my daughter cooked dinner, all by herself, for the first time. She made spaghetti with crescent rolls. I thought she did very well and was so proud of her.

Kevin and Jordan have been going fishing about every free night this week. My hubby loves to fish and has been taking our kids since they were small. They can bait and reel like no body's business. Since the weather has been warmer and beautiful, I don't see them till dark and dinner is ready.

My daughter has her own style these days. Sometimes I think it is really cute. Sometimes I look at her and think "what are you thinking?!!!" And sometimes I just simply shrug and go on. I'm picking my battles, so unless it is not modest, then she is free to express herself.

I leave before they go to school in the morning, so dad takes them. I can count on him to make sure she is modest, but I never know what array of colors, hairstyles, etc...will greet me when I come home in the afternoon. Today, she was classic preppy, with a polo style shirt, and she decided to wear the famous pigtails that she is known for...

Isn't she cute?!!!

Have you met our dog? She is in need of a bath!!!

My mother-in-law will have to undergo Chemotherapy. They did find cancer present in her lymph nodes. Please say a prayer for her. This is not an easy journey for her, as you can imagine.

One thing my mother-in-law loves are her flowers. As long as I have known her and Papa, they have had a beautiful garden and flowerbeds. The other day she picked me a beautiful bouquet for my table. They smelled so good and so springy!

I have been so good lately. I'm not really on a diet, but I have drank NOTHING but water for over two weeks and I really feel better. And I am not snacking a whole lot between meals. However, I had forgotten that I had helped a teenager out and bought a package of yummy goodness a while back for a fundraiser at school. HELLO?!!! The hubby brings my purchase in the door this afternoon... I have a weakness for these...

I was good and only had two out of the whole box.

Well, Easter is fast approaching. As you may have heard, I love doing crafts. My sis always thought I should have been an art teacher. She is probably right. I love being crafty with kids. Today at school, my babies and I did an art project for Easter. I am going to put them on my door. I finished them up tonight and thought I would share them with you. Aren't they precious?

If you can't tell, I used their footprints for the ears of the rabbits.

Well friends, this has been one crazy week! Thanks for coming along on the ride with me.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

prayers and blessings...


Heart2Heart said...


I absolutely adore those amazing Easter crafts! How cute are those for parents! Praising God right along with you for sweet Sawyer and praying that God continues to watch over him and keep him safe.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Kristin said...

Woo Hoo, Mich!!! Earlier, I prayed for just an inexplicable healing for Sawyer and I thought to myself that I just knew it would happen. :) That's amazing news!!

I love the feet idea for the rabbits. That is so precious!!

And I totally know what you mean about just trying to let your daughter have her own style.....I do the same with my almost 10 year old. I fight the urge to ask her what she's thinking sometimes. Ha! I'm sure my mom did the same to me. She looks adorable though and yay for her for cooking some yummy spaghetti!

Jocelyn said...

I never thought about foot prints for bunny cute:-)

Angela said...

I noticed my link for your blog didn't work on the FF post.So I just updated it and came here..and I'm dancing with you girl..YAHOOOOOO...

That meal looks so yummy. Your daughter did awesome. Get this, my daughter does the SAME thing with that bow, except her's is bright green like the green I see for word verification here, LOL.

I adore your dining room. That family sign..oh girl.just beautiful. Love the blue...

The 'boys' sure caught a lot of fish..Yaaaa boys!!

You KNOW what I will be doing with my daycare children for Easter now don't you. Awesome idea. I'm so glad you shared. I LOVE it!

Angie said...

Love the 'Happy Dance'!!! We'll keep praying for Sawyer and the family.
So glad you are having a 'Praise God' kind of day!
Love you - my cousin, my friend!!

He & Me + 3 said...

i knew his appointment would get moved up. PTL. I am going to keep praying for a sooner date.
Loved the pictures. You and family have been busy. Love the pig tails and the spaghetti looks so good.
Have a great weekend!

Bridget said...

Love the Easter crafts. Your daughter's dinner looks awesome and I'm happy dancing with you about Sawyer!

Amelia@MyTwoRedheads said...

I have been enjoying reading your blog which I found from my sister's blog Time Well Spent. I have been praying for your nephew Sawyer, glad he is feeling a little better!

Kellie said...

Wonderful news about Sawyer! God is moving mountains for him!

Sounds like your family has had a great week!! :)

Amber said...


Thank you so much for all of the prayers!!!

Could Kay and Jor be any cuter? I think not.

Love you much.

Mocha Momma said...

Glad to hear your nephew ids doing better and that the appt. is closer. God is good and Sawyer is going to shine again.

Looks like you've had a busy and fun week. Love the footprint bunny ears. The bunnies are very cute.

Take care,

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

My sister and I are PRAISING the Lord right now! This is such news. This little guy has been on our hearts, big time.

So glad to hear this! PTL!!!!!!!