Friday, March 19, 2010

An Update to prayer, and a HUGE prayer request, all while having Missions on the mind...

Well friends, spring break has officially arrived, as of 3:00, in our small town. Grades were handed out at the middle school, (Kayla made all "A's." Yeah!) Jordan had what he called a "great afternoon," with a little extra fun at school and Popsicles. I left work, at 4:30, starting a week long vacation...

WAIT! Did I say "VACATION?!!!"

If you call traveling for a few hours, sleeping on the floor, having a shower schedule, leading crafts, doing yard work, working in a soup kitchen and possibly building a porch, while chaperoning teenagers a VACATION, then WHY YES! BY GOLLY I"M VACATIONING!!!

Every year during Spring Break, the hubby plans a small event for the youth of our church. Sometimes it is missions, sometimes a conference. This year about 23 of us will be headed to another Arkansas town to help a good pastor friend with a few needed ministries around his church. We are suppose to help with a two night kid's camp, help a few of their elderly with yard work, building porches and repairing a few things and going into downtown to help with a soup kitchen ministry that they have.

My job? Crafts at the kid's camp and keeping tabs on some pretty special teenagers. I have to be honest, I haven't been too excited. I had the week off to spend with my family and then this mission project camp up. The thought of enjoying being home for a week, doing a little spring cleaning has been calling my name. I also wanted to wait and see how my nephew was doing. In other words, I wasn't going to go unless I was needed.

Well two other ladies are going, and I could stay home, but I am headed out on Sunday, anyway. WHY? Because my son really wants to go. Because the girls in the youth group really want me to go. Because the hubby wants me to go. Because I think God really wants me to go.

Although, the desire to stay home has been strong, there has been conviction mingled in there, telling me that there are more important things, telling me to set the example for my children, telling me that not everything is about ME.

So, I plan to leave on Sunday full of excitement over this little adventure and then come back with a camera full of pictures and plenty of wonderful stories to tell. God is so very good!

Pray for us please. Sometimes the little mission trips like these get forgotten and don't sound quite as exciting as if I was telling you I was going to Mexico or Africa. No, we are going to meet the needs of some individuals in our own state this trip. Every now and then you need to hug and minister to your own too!


I know many of you are wondering about my nephew Sawyer. Great news! Today, he is not in pain. The disk is no longer sitting on a nerve for now. . He is going to be monitored, having regular check ups. If it starts causing him pain again, he is to go immediately to the hospital and they will talk further about what can be done. He could have pain tomorrow or he may spend the rest of his life pain free. They just don't want to do major surgery if it is not necessary.

He is, however, to give up all contact sports, at least for now. His dream of playing football is now certainly out of the question. However, he is OK to play baseball for now.

We are thanking the Lord that he is a happy, little boy again. Thanks for the prayers.

I have an urgent prayer request. My hubby is at the hospital now, with a family from our church. I am going to call her "Mary" for now. Mary was up at the church preparing for her daughter's wedding tomorrow, when she had what my husband called an "episode." They took her to the hospital and found a mass on her brain. I do not know more details than that right now. I do know that it doesn't look good. Please keep her in your prayers, as well as her family.

Thanks Friends! Happy Friday!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Have a fun "vacation"!

That is awesome news about Sawyer! PTL!

Poor "Mary" I pray God will show up big time in her and her family's life.

Heart2Heart said...


So many things all going on at the same time, first of all praying that great things are going to happen this weekend at your missions trip! I think it's great for you to get out and help out doing God's work. It will really benefit and bless you more than spring cleaning will in the long run.

Praying for Mary that this mass won't be anything major and that it can be safely removed and it's just a mass!

Everything ultimately winds up in Gods hands, so I am having complete faith and trust with Him in all of this!

So glad and praising God that Sawyer is on the mend and doing much better.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Kristin said...

Oh no....I can't imagine how scary that must be, to find that out right before her daughter's wedding. I will be praying for them. I hope you have fun on your missions trip. There are so many things for us to do right in our own backyard. That's good news about Sawyer too!

Amelia@MyTwoRedheads said...

Have fun on your spring break! What great kids you have that they want to spend their spring break helping people in need!
I'm glad your nephew is feeling better.

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

tanks for update. Enjoy your vacation! You will be so blessed by giving your time :) Praying for Mary

Praying Jeremiah ome Quickly

Kari @ p.s. said...

Mich, this is a loaded post, but all very good. I lift "Mary" up in prayer right now and that there is wisdom to figure out exactly what needs to be done. I also pray for her family at this time!

Wonderful news on your nephew! Pain free is awesome!

Your spring break sounds wonderful. I know it might not be ideal ( I think I'd rather stay home too ) - the lives you touch will make it all worth while and at the end of the week, I'm sure you feel the same way. And in my opinion, your mission trip to an Arkansas town is just as important as one to Africa. People are people - and that is who you are out serving in the name of Jesus!

Enjoy! Can't wait to see pics!

Andrea said...

Praying for Mary and her family. May GOD heal, restore, strengthen, and renew...may HE divinely prepare each doctor, nurse, and staff member who will come in contact with Mary. May HIS will be done!

Praising GOD that Sawyer is No longer in pain.

Praying GOD will do a mighty work in the hearts of each who attend your spring break retreat. Praying GOD will chose each person/child who is suppose to attend and work in and through there lives like never before. Praying for a week full of miracles.

hugs, andrea

He & Me + 3 said...

I hope you have a blessed Spring break.
That is so awesome about Sawyer. PTL!
Praying for "Mary"

S and J said...

Love this comment:

"Every now and then you need to hug and minister to your own too!"

Here's a hug coming to all of you. We'll be praying for you while you're doing missions right where He has you.

Heard about "Mary" this morning. Our hearts are breaking for the family. Will be praying for everyone involved.

Angela said...

I am praying for "Mary"...I just stopped and prayed before continuing to post tears in my eyes as I prayed..'God display Your power and glory in this situation'...

I will be praying for everyone involved on this Mission trip...Our Spring break is over. The children go back on Monday here in Canada...

Praise God about Sawyer,,,

Praying for you too sweet sister...This weekend I have SO much on my plate. I, like you, would love to be home to do some spring flesh wants to go in panic mode..'when am I going to get anything done, the house is going to look like a tornado hit it, wait I think it already does,. bla bla bla' I'm off to spend two days at our Parish putting on a Spring Easter Penny and Bake I will rest in the Lord and have a Mary's heart..while I am busy doing the Martha activities...Love ya girl..Can't wait to see all the pics when you come back...

Bridget said...

Enjoy your spring break!!