Thursday, March 25, 2010

It Started With a Prayer and a Phone Call...

As I have said before, my hubby likes to take a trip during Spring Break. Sometimes it is a mission trip, sometimes a conference, and sometimes just a retreat. There are a group of wonderful ladies in our church who have a heart for missions. Their goal was to originally plan a BIG mission trip for the whole church. It fell through and my hubby was left with NOTHING for his kids to do during the break. So he did the only thing he knew to do...He PRAYED.

His prayer was that in the next week God would show him what he needed to do and plan and where. If he didn't receive a clear cut answer then he would wait patiently and assume that maybe missions was not in the Lord's plans for our Spring Break this year.
A few days later, this man calls...

This is not just any guy, this is one of my hubby's oldest and dearest friends. They go back to college. Todd was Kevin's RA his first year and the friendship grew. (They were the same age, but Kevin had transferred, so he practically lost his first year of college.) Todd and his wife were in our wedding and present at the the birth of our children. Kev and I were at the hospital for a couple of his babies (HE HAS FIVE!) to be born as well. Because of their busy lives, Kev and Todd do not see or talk to each other much, but when they do, NOTHING has changed. They know they can count on each other ALWAYS.

So out of the blue, Todd calls. And you will never guess what he wants... He needs a small group of kids to help his small, but growing church with some mission projects. HELLO?!!! Kev, received an answer to his prayer, LOUD AND CLEAR. "Ask and you shall receive."

So, we took a group of twenty two. We helped a ninety two year old with her super duper BIG yard. We demolished a porch and helped rebuild. We spent some time at a couple of "soup" kitchens, and we held a small "kids conference" in the evenings.

Small group of youth helping a small church with several small jobs, including ministering to a small group of kids, yet there were BIG rewards. Friendships made. Ministry done. And on the last night, one little boy was SAVED. It doesn't get much better than that.
I have to be honest, I didn't want to go in the beginning. I had the week off and I wanted to be lazy and caught up on my cleaning. But my family really wanted to me to go, my son wanted to go (he could only go if I went.) and I now know God really wanted me to go too. There has been a lot of grief going on in our town, with the passing of "Mary." Her quick passing, reminded me of how precious life is, how very important spending every moment available with my family is, especially when they want to give up their free time to minister to others. I was reminded of our calling "Until the whole word hears..."

We may not have done a lot of witnessing. We may not have gone to the "ends of the earth" with the gospel. But let me tell you what we did do... we showed a little of Jesus when we hugged and played with his kids. We showed three ladies Jesus when we served without compliant and did for them what they were unable to do for themselves. We showed Jesus to the homeless, when we helped served them food and water. Little things, yet they all lead to a bigger purpose. We may never visually see that purpose, but God has a plan for sure.

So, I slept on the floor, but God provided us with camp mattresses. We had hot showers everyday and wonderful food provided for us morning, noon and night. God took care of us BIG TIME! I can't even honestly say we "suffered" for Jesus. In fact, I think truthfully this trip may have been more about God teaching me, showing me the ministry opportunities even among our own group of kiddos and encouraging Kev and I to keep plugging along in serving Him. I received a blessing for sure.

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement.

Kevin with Todd and Randy (another college pal who now serves as music minster at Todd's church.)

Kevin leading worship. This was a fun song for the kids, talking about dancing and "leaping" for joy. the girls in our group had a blast with it.

Kayla, sorting clothes at the soup kitchen.

Again, Kayla at the soup kitchen. She is going to help serve the meal.

Jordan, the demolition man and builder.

Kayla, making a new friend.

Jordan playing games with the kids.

My family. Gotta love them. They have big hearts for ministry.

Hope you are having a beautiful week!


He & Me + 3 said...


That is so beautiful that your whole family is involved with ministry and does it all with smiles. Your family is precious and blessed. I know you must be so pleased & so is the Father. Love the praise and worship jumping picture. Great capture.

Amber said...

I'm so glad that you all had such a great trip.

I know you weren't loving the idea in the beginning, but I know that you were royally blessed and that so many lives were touched because of you.

Love you much.

Andrea said...

You have an awesome family. You are truly blessed. I appreciate you coming by arise to write. I was afraid I had offended you. You know with me...what comes up comes out...I just speak what is on my heart and sometimes I should probably keep my mouth shut. I am sorry you have trouble commenting sometimes. Hugs, andrea

Bridget said...

Such wonderful things your family did together to help others. I'm glad that all of you were able to be a part of blessing others.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I think you've made a great memory, Mich, one you will long remember for years to come. Just this week, I've been reflecting on the lives of my older two sons... how much they've grown and moved on to college, the oldest days away from his 21st birthday. I've been missing them--feeling again the profound mystery and pull of the "letting go." It's not bad, just clearly distinct. When they were younger, there were times I wish we'd done more of this type of stuff together. I think we've missed out to a degree.

I'm so glad you could share this with your kids. You have a lovely family.

Keep to it, mom.


Kristin said...

I would love to do something like that one day!!! I am so sorry about Mary. I am so glad you all had a great time. I loved the pictures and loved hearing about those you helped. It just proves we can make a difference, no matter where we are!!

Jim said...

Thanks for lettin' us in on your family's mission trip. The more I hear of family vacations, the more I can see the wisdom of doing something just like you did - "making a memory that makes a difference" - did I just say that? Kind of got a ring to it, huh?

Looking forward to you all coming next week - hope it works out. We've certainly been busy trying to create a "memorable" memory for the 150 plus that have signed up to come to our first Living Lord's Supper.


Tiffani said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! You never know what the smallest act of kindness or deed is doing in eternity!! So glad the kids got to experience that too!

Gretchen said...

God is so big. Glad to hear about your trip. Sounds like the ministers were ministered to by the King, Himself. What amazing lessons you taught your family by taking one for the team and going when you wanted to be lazy.

Sharon Sloan said...

Oh I love the heart and details of all you shared here. From God's answer to prayer -- very clear! -- to all the great pictures. Wow! Can't wait to see all the fruit for His glory that comes from this!

And Mich - way to take one for the team - sleeping on the floor! :) I think of the scripture where a rock was used for a pillow.

Great post!

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

What a fulfilling time for your family. I love how the kids are so involved, they're making memories that will last their whole lives and to have you and your husband with them is a double blessing they will look back on!

S and J said...

What a beautifully written reminder that we don't have go around the world to do His work. Thanks for sharing!!

Angela said...

We may never visually see that purpose, but God has a plan for sure.

I've been reminded so many times with this above statement in my own life.......

Sure looks like you all had an amazing anointed time