Tuesday, March 16, 2010

That's My "Jorboy!"

My son.

What can I say?

He is a people pleasing personality just like his dear mom. He is totally in awe of his daddy, just like his dear mom. He is a fearful one, a worrier, and just a tad selfish, just like his dear mom.

Now as for the stubborn, energetic, can't sit still, "don't want to miss a thing," with just a little temper, that part of his personality, is ALL JUST LIKE DEAR DAD!!!
And then there is his intelligence... God just worked a miracle in there and graced us with two smart kiddos. WOW! I think the good Lord knew I would be NO help with the homework! Did I tell you about the time I had to Google to help Kayla with her math... There is a reason this mom doesn't home school! (Although I admire and envy all of you who do!!!)
Anyway, Jorboy got his grades tonight and dear mom here, is very proud! He came in the house all worried because he did get a "B" this time, but I quickly told him that he had nothing to be ashamed of. He made an 89% in Math. One point from an "A." We even know why... there was one test that did him in. That one test brought his grade down, and Jordan is not too happy about it. How much you want to bet he tries even harder in math the next few weeks? He is harder on himself than I ever could be.
Here are his grades:
Spelling = 98
Language Arts = 96
Reading = 97
Mathematics = 89
Science = 97

I am so proud of my little boy! (He hates it when I call him "little.")

Did I tell you that he can also frustrate me to no end? You see, Jordan is too much like me. The traits he does share with dad are sometimes the traits that frustrate me about "dad" too, so there you have it! He can argue the life out of any situation. And sometimes he will not "argue" and just do things "his way." UGH! That boy!!!
For example...

School pictures.

Last year I blogged about how he didn't tell me it was school picture day, so I had absolutely no idea what he looked like. Although I was mad that he didn't tell me anything, it turned out to be one of his best school pictures EVER!

Isn't he adorable! I just love him to pieces!!!

Sorry, got a little off track... fast forward to this year. I KNEW about pictures this year, had the cute sweater picked out and everything. Then I get this...

Hello?!!! Where is the cute brown sweater?

"I didn't want to wear it."

"OK, but WHY are you wearing a pullover?!!!"

"Because I wasn't wearing a nice shirt under it."

And there you have it people. When stubbornness mixes with all boy, the outcome is a pullover.

But, once again, he made a really cute picture...
"But a pullover?!!! REALLY?!!!"
I still forked over the forty bucks.
Hey, at least his hair was combed!!!

Gotta love that kid!!!


Jim said...

Yep! Ya gotta love 'em! He outstripped my grades! Must mean he got the grade genes that skipped my family's generation. Way ta go, Jor!


Angie said...

Handsome boy! Smart as a whip! As for the pullover, I don't see "Metallica" or a skull and cross-bones. You're golden!! :)

Love Ya!

Amber said...

Hooray, Jordan!! Those are some great grades...

And you could totally homeschool if you needed to. That's what the internet is for, dahling!

Love you all muchly.

And his pictures are super cute...regardless of what he's wearing.

Terri said...

Way to go on the grades!!!! This pictures are so good of him also! They def. have a mind of their own about things don't they! don't feel bad about googling..... I do it all the time and we homeschool!!! That's what it is there for Haaa! Have a great day!

Angela said...

I love the posts that you share about your children and how you speak such words of love and blessings over them...and even sharing the 'realness', that is a blessing too..keeping it real. Love that about ya!

Talking about 'real'..my wonderful, awesome son Asher for grad pictures, PURPOSELY got his hair cut in a mullet! YES, you read correctly. That is MY Asher..lol. To be honest with you though, he looks SO adorable,,lol. He got his hair cut right after.

Our hairdresser didn't even want to cut his hair when he asked for a mullet,lol.

For school pictures, well when I say them I said,,'Asher what is wrong with your hair?" It looked VERY strange.

"I put an elastic in my hair to make it look like that". lol

"Asher, people are going to see these pictures years down the road. If your famous, their going to show this"

"I don't care!". lol lol

that IS my Asher boy!!

Not the people pleaser his mama is!!! lol

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Same pose; same smile; different shirt! Yes, that boy is adorable, with or without the cute brown sweater! I remember the year my oldest son went to school dressed for pictures. When I received them, he had added a skull and crossbones sticker to the front of it, making me mad at the time, but leaving us with a lasting, funny memory. In fact, we just came across that picture the other day and had a good chuckle.

Keep lovin' them, Mich. You're doing a great job and your best days are ahead of you... yours and theirs!


He & Me + 3 said...

I am getting ready to post about my kids report cards and how proud I am. WE must be doing something right to have such great kids. Huh? Jordan is so handsome and smart!
Our spring pictures are next week. I always worry:) His turned out great.

christy rose said...

You are a blessed momma! He is adorable, funny and smart!!! :)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

LOL! Love it! Awesome grades!

The Fountains said...

Aren't our kiddos fun?!?!
Sounds like you've got a very special one there.

If he's that much like you, then he's gonna be just fine!!!!

Your cousin,

Gretchen said...

Awww...good for him! My kids don't dress up for school pics either. I guess it's okay with me--after all, the picture we get is then TRULY how they look at the time. :)