Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thursday Thoughts...

Hey Friends! Just me, Mich, rambling again. Actually, I would like to think of us all sitting around a table, sipping on our favorite beverage, having a grand 'ol visit. I would share about my day, my kiddos, maybe tell a funny story, show a picture or two and then you would return the favor. However, since I can't be with all my bloggy friends on this beautiful day, I thought we could do the next best thing...

Simply share.
I have no great words of inspiration today gals. No tear jerking, hearts and rainbow story to share. I don't even think I have a new joke to tell. What I do have? My thoughts and pictures from the day...
My day started on the late side. Yours truly had a very hard time rolling out of the bed. But, let it be said, I still made it to work on time. 7:00 A.M. My hair wasn't straightened or curled, so it looked a "hot mess" as we say around my part of the world. Definitely a ponytail kind of day!!! I'm wearing a work shirt. It has my name on it which tells the world who I am. Must be for the parent's sake, because my babies certainly can't read!!! :) There is baby snot and drool from shoulder to shoulder...good thing I'm not going anywhere! I have my new bluejeans on from Wally World (this mommy is broke, no named brands today!) and my black crocs.
Truthfully, I haven't worn my crocs to work in a while, but they were quick and easy to put on, and as I was running late... funny thing is, this mom of a two year old came in fussing about her little one insisting on wearing her crocs to school today, pretty bright pink shoes. She continued to fuss until she looked down at mine and said, "Well, since the teacher is wearing them, I guess it is OK, even if it IS WINTER!" Did I miss the rule about not wearing Kroc's in winter? (I do have socks on, so my footsies are warm.) I would hate to see what this lady would say about my daughter who wears her flip flops year round!!! :) Oh, and it was in the sixties today!!!
QUESTION#1 - What do you think, friends? Are you picky about the rules about dressing during certain seasons?
For lunch today, I had leftover homemade chicken noodle soup. Yummy! The kind out of the can makes me sick, because I think it reminds me of being sick. But when I make it from scratch, then I think I have mastered a totally yummy dish, that my family loves. I made cheeseburger pie Tuesday night, but unfortunately there were no leftovers. I'm on a roll, two home cooked meals, and I'm thinking about chicken spaghetti tonight. Now, if only we could find the time to sit down as a family together... (won't happen tonight, for the hubby is at ballgames!)

QUESTION#2 - Does your family find the time to have a meal daily together at the table? We are so busy and my kids aren't so young anymore, that it is hard. What do you do?
I went to the bank today. Had to get allowance money. Starting a new system that is working out a little better. If you don't do your chores, you don't get paid. Don't get paid, no money for the extras. It has cut out the whining at Wally World.
QUESTION #3 - If your kids are old enough to receive an allowance, how much do you pay? Or what is your system of doing things? Love to hear new ideas, that will help me on my parenting journey...
Did I tell you that my dad (known as Jim-Dad, around these parts) is in Israel? Totally jealous! Want to see a picture or two that I copied from a traveling mate of his?

I think it is incredible to think of walking the same path my Savior once walked. What an experience!!! As a missionary kid, I have been all over the world. I so wish I had the money to let my kiddos experience a little culture outside our U.S. borders...

QUESTION # 4 - If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you want to go?
I'm cleaning the closet out tonight. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the local thrift shop, to see if she is interested in buying any of my clothes. I would probably take about anything right now. I mean, anything is more than I have and my closets would be cleaned out!!!
I'm afraid the change in weather and my allergies are getting the best of me these days. Headache, stuffy nose, scratchy throat... just enough to make one not feel good, but not hurting enough to stop daily life. Plugging along here...
"Survivor" comes on tonight. Did anyone see last week, when the HEROES just slammed the Villains in the mud? Oh that was so much fun to watch, even though I do like some of the Villains.
QUESTION #5 - Are you a reality TV nut like me?
I was taking pictures the other day and my son said "take one of me." I wasn't going to pass that up. I've also included one or two of his basketball shots.

Well, I guess those are my thoughts for today. I would love it, if you answered a question or two, just like we had a real conversation....

Oh, by the way, I would be sipping a bottled water these days. For health reasons I am trying to avoid as much soda and caffeine as possible. Feel sorry for me?
QUESTION #6 - What would you be drinking during this chat?

Bye friends! Loved chatting with you. Hope you had a very happy Thursday! Guess what?! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! :)


Heart2Heart said...


I love this and feel like I was sitting across from you while you were sharing your answers so here are mine.

Dressing for the seasons? I kinda let me kids where what they want because I used to fight my mom too much when I was little and growing up. I wore summer clothes in the winter and winter clothes in the summer. My mom never could figure me out. Me on the other hand, always run cold lately, so you will see me with sweater and jacket on most days.

Meals with family ~ We try as much as we can to eat together as a family but lately since I haven't felt too well I've had mine upstairs in bed while the family hangs out downstairs. I am OK with that because no one can be on the bed with all the pain I am in so they all understand.

Allowance and our kids ~ They get a dollar a week for each year old they are and I too, deduct money if they forget some of their weekly chores. When it really hurts them they take notice and get back on track for awhile.

If I could visit anywhere in the world, I would have to say it's right where your dad is now. I would want to be baptized in the Sea of Gailee and walk where my Lord did.

Reality TV nut? Yeah I tune in to watch Survivor, the Bachelor, The Apprentice and Hells Kitchen. It's much better than shows like Modern World which turn my stomach.

What am I drinking during this chat? Canada Dry Ginger Ale out of a can cause I am feeling a little queasy today. The meds do that sometimes.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Kristin said...

You are so much fun, Mich! I would love to sit and chat with you :) And I would be sipping my Starbucks coffee. That is so neat about your Dad. I love those pics. That would be awesome to go there!

My girls wear their crocs all the time and so does my husband. I usually just wear my flats. I'd wear flip flops even in the winter, but I seriously need a pedicure!

We are horrible about eating. The kids all sit in the kitchen at the counter, but my husband and I just eat in here in the living room. We have never been a sit around the table family. But we do all eat at the same time, except my hubby is working on our new church right now and is still not home yet.

We watch a lot of reality there barely anything else on these days? We watch Amer Idol, So you think you can dance, Celebrity Fit Club.

He & Me + 3 said...

Good grief you got some long comments. What a fun post. I would totally be drinking iced coffee during our chat. :) From Dunkin Donuts of course:)
I do have strict dress for seasons. My kids think when the sun comes out even though it is only 35 out they don't need a winter coat. Nope get that coat on. I hate to travel, but if I could be beamed anywhere I would love to visit Australia. I don't watch TV but one show so reality shows are not on the list for me.
I am off to bed...obviously my imaginary coffee didn't help keep my eyes open. LOL

Amber said...

I totally forgot all the questions.
But you know the answers anyway!!

Love you.
Good to talk to you tonight!

Andrea said...

Well, Mich...I learned the hard way about crocs in winter. You see they work fine until you have several winter wonderlands back to back...snow seeps thru the holes. Yep, I have repetitively gotten wet feet. Just like the kids, I still forget and throw them on to take the dogs out.
Meals with family. We try, but it does not always happen!

No allowance at my house. I believe we all live here and we all need to help out.

Hope you are having an awesome week.
Hugs, andrea

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love, love your glad I stopped by tonight..Hope you will stop by...I just added some extra giveaways...
So glad to have a few hours to blog hop.


Gretchen said...

Even though my children don't appreciate this, we do try to eat together at the table (or in front of the TV) at least 4 nights a week, and most meals on weekends. So far, it's not always pleasurable, but sometimes it is, and it really is a relaxed way to discuss their days.

Lurve me some Diet Dr. Pepper.

Lurve to go to the Holy Land.

or Maui. :)

Great pics of J.

Angela said...

shocks,,I need to open up another browser so i can answer all your on now.

Ok, getting ready to copy and paste:

What do you think, friends? Are you picky about the rules about dressing during certain seasons?

WHATEVER...of course my children are older now so I'm not so 'anal', or IS it I'M OLDER and not so stressed about it? Actually I do tell them 'zip up your jacket, it's winter'. "Asher it's winter, why do you have shorts on?'..hmmm, I'm picky still but I'm definitely NOT going to get into a battle over it...

QUESTION#2 - Does your family find the time to have a meal daily together at the table? We are so busy and my kids aren't so young anymore, that it is hard. What do you do?

There are days everyone is in their own room, doing their own thing, and hubby and I in front of the TV.I do try to make a point of us sitting at the dining room table at least 3 times a week..4 is doing great!

If your kids are old enough to receive an allowance, how much do you pay?

When they were younger I would give them an allowance. Now that they are older, they still get an allowance,,LOL.

QUESTION # 4 - If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you want to go?

Where your father is!!!!!

Are you a reality TV nut like me?

noo nooo nooo. Since I AM a nut already, they drive ME ABSOLUTELY bonkers..I get REALLY stressed watching it,,LOL. I do...isn't that

I have favorites I watch but I usually fall alseep before the program is over so I never know what is going on anywhere,,,sigh..

QUESTION #6 - What would you be drinking during this chat? DEFINITELY..probably water also..I LOVE my water.I would actually say,,oh Mich, whatever your making, I'm fine (except if I really didnt like it I would say,,oh I will just have water,,lol)

Ok,,I can close the other tab ...

Love ya girl...this was fun.

Bridget said...

Oh, this looks like fun!

Am I picky about the rules for dressing? Not really. In the south, it's cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon, and so I'll be at work in short sleeve shirts because I would be too hot in a long sleeved one. However, I don't wear flip flops in the winter. I try to make sure Kyle has on a parka or a hoodie so that he can take it off when he gets hot.

We rarely eat family meals together because my husband works at night. I try to have a special breakfast on the weekend mornings that we're all together, instead.

Kyle doesn't get an allowance at his dad or my house. He wishes he did, though! :D

If I could go anywhere in the worlde, I would like to go to Italy.

I don't watch a whole lot of reality TV. I watch American Idol once it gets down to the last few finalists, just so I can know who everyone is talking about. I also like Dancing with the Stars, too.

For this nice, cozy chat, I'm drinking a bottled water right along with you...wishing it was a Coke, though....