Monday, December 7, 2009

Counting Down the Days...Picture #7.

Tonight started my busy, nonstop holiday season. I think I have something going on every night this week. In fact I know I do...

As I hop, skip and jump from Christmas party, to church, to band concert to party, to... well you get the picture, there has to be a way to find PEACE. After all, that is a part of what this Christmas season is all about, right? Finding peace.

I've seen this quote many times and love the simplistic truth it holds. "Wise men still seek Him."

Picture # 7 in my counting down the days until Christmas, countdown, is...
Happy Monday, December 7Th!
I pray that as we all hustle and bustle about, going about our Christmas celebrating, that we will take a few moments here and there to remember what exactly we are suppose to be celebrating. May we still seek the Savior in all we do.
"Glory to God in the Highest and Peace on earth..."


Christi said...

Good thoughts during such a busy time! We all need to find some moments peace in the midst of the craziness!

I am impressed that you are still getting your blogging done! Yea! :)

Melinda Lancaster said...

While many are hustling & bustling I've been recovering from H1N1. I'm missing being out and about a little. Still I am finding many things inside that vy for my time & attention trying to take the focus off Jesus Christ--the reason for the season.
Thanks for the reminder that it is wise to seek Him. It does not matter where we are if we seek, according to the Bible we will find!

Jim said...

This picture is a good reminder that those who would be wise would seek to worship the One Who is WISDOM itself!

Good series of blogs, and good reminders.


He & Me + 3 said...

I do love that saying. Great picture too. I know I am seeking Him

Gretchen said...

Yes, indeed. Good for you. Hugs.

Heart2Heart said...


I would agree and even offer to invite Jesus into our lives even more this year and take part in all that we do to keep Him close to our hearts!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

E @ Scottsville said...

Ya know, last night.... rather than hustle and bustle, the kids and I all sat down and made hand-made ornaments to give away to classmates, teachers, friends, etc.

It was nice to just sit and chat while we worked.

christy rose said...

Oh yes! They were wise men because all wise men seek Him! That was a great remembering thought to share Mich! Thanks!