Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Counting Down the Days...Picture #8.

"The stockings were hung..."

Hello. Problem here. As of two years ago, we have had no fireplace in which to hang our pretty little stockings. To years ago, I found one of those cute little metal pieces, in which you hang your stockings from. However, last year I couldn't find all the pieces. The stockings ended up hanging on my french doors leading into the living room. Which is were they are now, unless of course one of my creative friends has a suggestion that they would like to pass my way...

Hmmm... anyone?

I guess you have guessed by now what picture #8 of my Christmas countdown might be...


You can't decorate for Christmas without hanging the stockings. They are a big part of the holiday gift giving.

The stockings that my hubby and I have are fifteen years old. I remember buying them at Target our second year of "wedded bliss." I think the first Christmas we just had the red felt ones. Nothing wrong with that, in fact my mom still uses that kind, each one with our name written on it. However, as a young newlywed, I wanted something different, something very pretty.

Well you have to remember that in the early '90's the country look was "HUGE." I loved the country farmhouse decor. When I picked out my pretty little stockings, well they were patchwork, burgundy and green. Although I have kind of outgrown the old country style, I still love my stockings. I had written our names on the back with fabric paint and then put the date. Every year, I still paint the date on. I was once told that it was silly, that I would know how old they were by the first date written and that I didn't have to put the year on every year. But, there is something sentimental to me about doing it this way. When I write the numbers out, it is like I am saying a "thank you" for another Christmas shared together. I imagine one day having the whole back of the stocking filled with numbers representing all the different years we have not only shared, but "survived" together.

My kids have cute stockings too. Kayla has a snowman on hers, while Jordan has a reindeer. Again, every year I write the date on the back... (sorry, not my best photography, but I'm running late tonight.)

Happy December 8Th!

As you hang your stocking this year, remember to say a special "thanks" for another year spent with those you love.

As for your comments? I would love to know your family tradition with your stockings. Also if you have a suggestion on where I should hang mine this year, I would love to hear it!


He & Me + 3 said...

Your stockings are cute. We each have our own color of the big fuzzy ones. Have you seen the dollar ones at Old Navy this year? Super cute.

Jim said...

You're creative and Kevin's a carpenter. Build a temp fireplace with "fake" fire and a mantel for some added decor. Too much? Well, do you remember our first "tree" in Bangladesh?


Kristin said...

I love the date on the back idea! We don't have a fireplace either. I thought since we only have a few cold days in TX, why put one in this house, but I regret it now, just for Christmas reasons! I have stairs though, and I saw on Lynnette's blog how she hung hers on the garland on the stairs and I think I'll do mine that way this year. Last year, we hung them on the knobs on the entertainment center. LOL!

Deborah Ann said...

We don't do stockings anymore, but we did just purchase a gel-burning fireplace! I am very happy...

~*Michelle*~ said...

OH I love how you are dating them!!!

We are in the process of renovating and will have a woodstove by next Christmas! I cannot wait!

Heart2Heart said...


I love adding them to the stair banisters! Even though people buy pretty mantle stocking hangers they never fully support the weight. We now hang ours up on the garland on our stairs!

Going to start dating mine too! Love that idea!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

christy rose said...

We hang our up the spindles of the staircase.

Our family tradition is that we actually celebrate Christmas with our family, opening presents and all, on Christmas Eve morning because we go to my Mother in laws all day on Christmas day. But we save the stockings until Christmas morning. It makes Christmas last two full days for us! The kids love the tradition.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Mine are currently stashed underneath the couch, and I even have a fireplace; I don't put them up because I have a ton of other stuff. After a while, it all starts to blend and looks like the town drunk had a fit in the Hallmark store.

Sorry I can't be more help, but our stockings are quite meaningful as well. I've had mine since I was a baby. It's ugly, but it's special to me.


mimi said...

I'm so lame....ours our currently hanging on our dining room chairs. I'll fill 'em and lay them under the tree.

E @ Scottsville said...

My house is still "country" and I'm afraid it always will be. No matter how I try to "class it up" a bit, the country in me still comes out.

I love the dates on the back of the stockings. What a great idea!! I'm a little too late to start that tradition, huh? Hmmph. Should've met you 20 years ago for this idea! =0)